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My name is Ginna Neel and I am the writer behind My Pretty Pennies. MPP began as a personal finance blog in 2009, and has since evolved into a collection of thoughts on life, love, finances, wellness, and the harmony that balances it all together. Feel free to browse, comment, and contact me with any questions.


Life has been a bit of a blur lately. I turned 29 years old on Monday, so it’s a new year. For me, and for you too,...more

TGIF Link Love / 2.

Happy Friday! I love four-day weeks, but sometimes they turn into...more

September Goals

September is here! Schools are back in session, football season has begun, and hopefully the weather will catch up and start to cool down here in NC....more

TGIF Link Love / 1.

It’s Friday! Before a long weekend! Woohoo! ...more

Current Crush: Art

I first heard about a couple of years ago when I ordered Christmas cards from there (see our cards from 2013 and 2012). It is one of my favorite stationery and custom card sites; all of their designs are modern, lovely and affordable. In the last couple of years they have expanded from a card company to an art shop ....more

On Contentment

I took an unintentional week off of blogging, due to a terrible, no good, really bad week. We have been dealing with a few health issues, broken computers, broken air conditioning [the upstairs thermostat read 90-degrees one night], and overall crummy circumstances. In the middle of the week, as...more

Letter to Myself

Dear Self, I thought about writing a letter to your younger self, but she has already lived those days so what’s the point of going back? Life is too short for regrets and today is too important to worry about the future, so let’s focus on this present day. These beautiful, golden days that you wake up to every single morning ....more

6 Lessons from the Whole30 Challenge

Welp, I’m done with the Whole30 challenge. (Or rather Whole25, since I didn’t make it to the bitter end due...more


SINGING this Hillsong song in the car on my way to work. READING the...more

For all the people pleasers

I am a people pleaser. I care a lot about what people think of me, and other’s...more