Living History Museums

I love history and even more, I thrill when the past comes alive for modern museum visitors by means of reenactors. Whether Plimouth Plantation or other sites in our country and beyond, there’s nothing like seeing something come to life right before your eyes. Our kids have dressed up in Civil War outfits next to battlefields, letting their imaginations run free at young ages when they otherwise would never have remembered terms such as “shebang” when small tents were joined together to make “the whole shebang”....more

Monday Mottoes – #98

It’s unreal. It’s absolutely unreal. I just dropped our first-born, or make that first-adopted, off at the airport and I’m sobbing ....more

Selfie Accidents in Russia

Quick-! What could be more dangerous than a Lada-driving Russian careening over crowded sidewalks simply because the streets are even more congested with traffic? Apparently it’s a Russian taking a selfie, you know, that narcissistic self-portrait that most Americans are satisfied to take in the privacy of their own bathroom, but Russians have to take hanging off the edge of a cliff, or something ....more

What We Did for Summer Vacation

I just might need to vacay, after all. Instead, I’m forging ahead, accomplishing a bunch, and managing the troops. My family, on the other hand, thinks that it’s summer and we should be having FUN ....more

Parents Who Snoop for Safety’s Sake

Are you a snoopy parent? Some are, and some aren’t. That doesn’t interest me as much as why some do, and why some don’t ....more

Another Fun Summer Family Film

You know me, I’ll give you the straight scoop on any movie—I’ve been surprised enough, myself, even after reading supposed “reviews”. With four teens in the house, two parents, and two dogs who have to watch, too, we need to practice tolerance for others’ tastes. All that being said, here’s a flick that should appeal to young teen girls, but is fine for the whole family ....more

Monday Mottoes – #97

Maybe you have children who are going through a growth phase, or you remember your legs aching as a young person and your mom saying they were growing pains. Most growth—whether in terms of career, education, relationships, finances, sports ability—you name it, some stretching is involved. And we don’t like it one bit, right? ...more

Saying Yes to Life

Around the world, news reports make even the strongest of us want to despair. Where’s the world’s culture headed?...more

The Beautiful Boutique Clothing Swap

Our group of ladies had a great idea: switching out clothing that we had outgrown, or, on a brighter more hopeful note: perhaps shrunken out of-! So on the appointed night, we would gather with some old, but nice offerings to give away. In the meantime, I had to run the gauntlet at home ....more

My Comb

Never let it be said that I don’t bring my readers the most riveting of social commentary. I mean, if Solomon could speak of the wisdom of ants and consider how they are organized and work diligently compared to some human beings, well then, I might be able to make observations about… things as diverse and delightful as… my comb. This week, I left my comb behind ....more