Just Because

“Will you take our picture Mom?” Sure thing! ...more

Lil’ A in her ‘Little’ (Big) Bed

In the spirit of moving, I’ve been thinking we should go ahead and get rid of the crib and changing table. Baby boy can just sleep in a bassinet until we move and I can live without a changing table for him. So one evening when A said “I wanna seep in dat little bed’ (pointing to the bunk bed below Sweet N with the mattress on the floor) I knew that I should seize the moment ....more

My Little Companion

I am really enjoying my time with this little lady these days. Sure, she’s busy and talky and spunky and completely exhausting… but she’s just so much fun. With both big kids in school everyday and little brother not coming for another month, it’s just this little one and I most mornings ....more

Tot Telling Time

All three of our kiddos share one room. Mostly, I love it. There are times when it’s not so great ....more

Tot Sized Caffeine Buzz?

This was one of those times that she was quiet for too long… She had found coffee beans. And was eating them. Whole ....more


I cleaned off a very old camera today and I found these gems. This was 2013, soon after we had to leave Africa. N had just turned 3 ....more

Book Worms and Snuggle Bugs

This is not a rare occurrence in my house in the morning… ...more

One of Her Favorite Things

We recently purchased a bird feeder for our balcony. It’s pretty much one of her favorite things. Our tiniest talker now spends half of her day pointing out the window yelling “Mommy! ...more

My Boy’s Thoughtful Surprise

Months ago H came up with an idea to build N a dollhouse. His design was rather elaborate and generally I shy away from these sorts of projects. But you had to kill a boy’s creativity, thoughtfulness and generosity ....more

My Dear Grandma

My dear Grandma passed from this life to the next on May 30th. We are relieved that she is not in pain anymore, and rejoicing that she is reunited after 40 years with her precious Waldo and now seeing Jesus face to face! She will be missed for these days that we remain on earth, but it will be so very much fun to see her younger and healthy in Heaven one day ....more