Graduation Day 2014.

I'm having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around how my kid went from this roly-poly wad, To this handsome boy, the youngest in his class, graduating from Kindergarten with an award in Reading Excellence. He wants to be a geologist when he grows up. I told him he can be whatever he wants to be ....more

Get A Life!

I almost forgot to tell you about the latest article I wrote for Baton Rouge Moms! Click here to take a look ....more


I have exciting news!...more

How To Be Better.

You know those women who need to be needed, the ones who seem to be at their best when taking care of others?...more

Mother's Day.

I started this blog in 2010 when Maverick was a toddler. I was so overwhelmed with the stress of balancing motherhood and my career that I felt like if I didn't write about it, I would straight up lose my mind. Since then, I've used my writing to channel emotional energy to keep me from doing irrational and terrible things ....more


I just received a voicemail that started with,...more

Bitches Be Cray.

Now, look.I'm a girl's girl. I have a lot of close girlfriends that I'm pretty sure I'd die without because I'm the kind of person who has a need to discuss. But on the whole, women are horrible creatures ....more

Marriage Is Hard Work.

It's Tuesday, and I just want to get right to it. Marriage is very hard work. I'm not afraid of a little hard work ....more

Motherhood Is Like ...

Running through Jell-O. Or trying to, anyway.Check out my latest post at Baton Rouge Moms! ...more

Battling Rude.

Boys are gross.Lately we have really been struggling with manners. I have done a good job of drilling into Maverick's head that we don't: leave pee on the bathroom floor, leave the toilet seat up, burp or fart without saying "excuse me," or spit in the house, to name a few. But he will be six at the end of the summer ....more