Tracey lives on the beautiful west coast of Canada with her husband, daughter, and identical, micro-preemie twin boys who both live with Cerebral Palsy. You can find her writing at


I've been making Kombucha in all of its probiotic goodness! For those of you who don't know what kombucha is, you can check it out here. Basically it's a fermented tea that's all sorts of good for your guts!I didn't have anyone to get a SCOBY from, so I grew my own from a bunch of tea and a store-bought bottle of Kombucha ....more

School's Out For Summer!

We made it! From the first day of school to the last, these "babies" of mine have finished Grade 1 and 4 with flying colors! Little Miss do gooder/straight As/junior achiever has already set up "Miss R's classroom" in her bedroom for the summer ....more

Please Help View Royal School!

OMG! It's been almost a month since I blogged last....and what motivates me to do so now? Money!So I'm making a personal plea ....more


I love baking. I also love eating baked good. I generally consider myself quite good at both.I bake a lot - it is my "cooking" contribution to this family ....more

Rio's 10!

This little love is 10 years old today. Rio, we love you and are more proud of you than you will ever understand. You are an amazing daughter, sister, friend, and leader ....more

Renovation - Exterior

Finally! Almost 18 months since the renovation ended, we're ready to share the exterior of the house!!It's been SO much work getting it to this place. SO MUCH CLEANUP! ...more

Enter the Stander

STANDING: something most of us get to take for granted. Mostly, because it leads to walking - something else we take for granted. But do you know that when your skeleton was developing throughout childhood, standing was incredibly important to proper bone development?!Standing is something that has been on our minds every day since Asher was a wee babe ....more

Homecoming - 6 Years

Celebrating this day will never get old. It was the happiest and most overwhelming day of our lives. After more than 5 months separated from our babies we were finally reunited six years ago today.Boys, you have been writing your own story from the beginning ....more

Happiness is an Inside Job

Normally I hate bumper stickers. Mostly I think they're cheesy, but party, I'm not sure I support any one thing strongly enough to permanently attach a sticker about it to my vehicle. (Ignore the Canucks sticker on our van ....more

The Hard Work Pays Off

This little cutie (and his brother) spent hours and hours and hours and hours doing therapy. And seeing specialist after specialist after specialist.I spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours researching every way we could possibly help Asher reach his fullest potential.Obviously all of that paid off. But man oh man was it some work.Today, I had the day "off" work with the kids on spring break ....more