Hi, I’m Jocelyn, and this is life as I know it… All-American swimmer, Wall St. alumna, mom of 2 incredible little girls, and ready to try something new.

I’m wife to Ryan, Mama to Della and Lana, and lover of life in general. This blog is where I let all the thoughts running around in my head come to life and have their fun. A playground for them, if you will. You’ll get some good, some bad, and maybe some ugly, but hopefully I’ll keep you coming back for more.

Oh, and the name? Scooter is a lifelong nickname from my dad, and Marie is my middle name. Voila!

A little background…

You’d probably like a bit more of a proper introduction, eh?

I’m a Midwestern girl who’s done the bright lights and big city of NYC (yes, i was there on 9/11. right there.) and has come back to her roots to settle down and start a family. I have an amazingly wonderful husband, 2 beautiful little girls, a family that loves me no matter what, and the best group of friends ever. I’m now a Badger for life, and I love, love, love to have fun. Laughter is my favorite medicine.

Being a mom is more incredible than I ever dreamed possible, and I am surprisingly loving every second of it. When Della was born Ryan and I both worked full-time, so we had to deal with the parental guilt of sending our baby girl to daycare. We grew to love the place, however, and became happy with all the instruction and interaction she received there.

That all changed on July 31, 2012. I lost my job and became a full-time stay-at-home mom overnight. Lana arrived in October of that year, so a whole new dimension was added to the game. I’ll admit there were certainly more hard days being home with 2 full-time than there were being home with 1 for just a few months, but I am beyond grateful to have this opportunity to stay home with our children indefinitely right now when they are so young. These little girls have opened my eyes to this world in a whole new indescribable way, and I can’t thank them enough for that.

I am stubborn and incredibly sarcastic, but my sensitive and caring side has come to the forefront much more often since August 1, 2010. I have some of the most random thoughts of any person I know, and my dreams are vivid and bizarre enough to give even the most experienced dream whisperer fits. I love making people laugh, so hopefully I can throw some giggles your way.

So there’s a glimpse into the life of ScooterMarie. Stick around to learn more and see what happens next, won’t you?

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It’s a boy?!?

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33 weeks

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31 weeks

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25 weeks

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