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Cruising the Canola Fields of Morgan County

I don’t know if Morgan County, Georgia is the hot bed of canola but every spring in recent memory fields of yellow are popping up everywhere. I’ve been meaning to take a photo to tweet — cause it’s quite spectacular. At least to me ....more

Chick-Fil-A Half Marathon. Darn the luck of missing that.

Sometimes we dread something and it turns out to be okay. Sometimes we dread something and it turns out great. Sometimes we dread something and it becomes better and better as the days and nights go by after the event ....more

Infertility. Daffodils. A thanks of sorts.

Hi ho – Sitting here on a cloudy with rain threatening day at the beach. I should be out exercising but I’m sitting here, looking at the water, pecking away at my loyal laptop. Thinking about dear Lizzi who had a rough Mother’s Day in the UK ....more

Who would you sleep with? This is exactly why I could never write SCIFI.

Silly Lizzi. Her post If you could sleep with anyone in the world? got me to thinking ....more

What decade has my mind, heart and soul? It’s complicated.

Last summer I stepped into my sixth decade. SCREAM. Now just to clarify ....more

What would drive a grown woman to sit in a parking lot?

Here’s my view. I’m sitting outside waiting on my child. He’s at an appointment and I wasn’t about to spend the time in a dark waiting room looking out the window like a cat staring at the birds pecking at sparkles in the asphalt ....more

The Scarlett Letter embroidered on the bib of a Southern Lady . . .

Maybe it’s a generational thing. Maybe those of us born before the Beatles Invasion or Woodstock or Vietnam still have our mother’s voice whirring in our head. Just to set the record straight, I was only seven months old when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan ....more

Sowing and reaping. Building body and mind.

It’s so easy to commit to things. Follow-through is another thing entirely. For me anyway ....more

Thanks for the week that was. No one was thrown into prison, even.

Sitting once again outside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Before I take off on a long ride on this beautiful (yet a bit smoky — must be a fire someplace) afternoon, Ten things of Thankful for the week that was 10....more