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Confirmed Mid-lifer. Wife. Mom to three. I done birth. I done adoption. Twice.

Awards for humor column writing and magazine writing.

Life is wonderful but oh so different than that Brady Bunch clan led us to believe.  Reptiles are my metaphor. 

Up to you to guess why?

“It’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird.” But what if . . .

What if you raze its nest? Before calling the Audubon Society, hear me out. ...more

Antiques Roadshow UPDATE . . . Almost Famous

Mental Note: Next time I’m at the Antiques Roadshow...more

Antiques Roadshow Orlando. All I got was a t-shirt. *that I wear all the time.

The Antiques Roadshow. You’ve watched for 20 years. Okay — you’ve watched it at least once ....more

My life my love and my lady is the sea. So what about me?

Riding along with windows down and sunroof open, I looked out at miles of salt water estuary. Heading to Walmart to pick up a prescription, I drove along the one road off the island. A carefree solitary moment and then dagnabbit — Brandy came over the radio ....more

Just what does “Thy Will Be Done” entail? Asking for a friend.

Holy Week advances. Maundy Thursday has passed. The day marking the Passover meal Jesus shared with his disciples ....more

It was the Best of Vines. It was the Worst of Vines.

A Tale of Two Vines. The first an evasive leech snaking up and around tree bark melding itself to the body of a pecan minding its own stationary business. English ivy sounds so lovely ....more

Ash Wednesday. No more Girl on the Train for me.

I wanted to start this post with a coolio photograph of ashes crisscrossing my forehead but I won’t receive those till later this evening. Which is best because that saves me the angst of deciding whether it is prideful to post a photo of my ashy forehead or an honest representation of my day. Or both ....more

Mailing away spit. Or will DNA change the way I keep house?

My gag reflex has flourished with age. I almost threw up collecting my spit in a tube. ...more

How Not to Finish a Novel. (Or Contracts Exam.)

Hello is anybody out there? When last we talked, I’d started NaNoWriMo with two goals: write 1000 words a day and finish my first draft by November 30 ....more

NaNoWriMo deadlines. Embrace the pace and get ‘er done.

To any writer who’s active online, November signifies NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month....more