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Confirmed Mid-lifer. Wife. Mom to three. I done birth. I done adoption. Twice.

Awards for humor column writing and magazine writing.

Life is wonderful but oh so different than that Brady Bunch clan led us to believe.  Reptiles are my metaphor. 

Up to you to guess why?

Halloween at Midlife. Now that’s scary.

Well, Halloween at my midlife. You know the hardest thing for me writing about my life these days? It’s writing about my life these days ....more

A Dream Home at Lake Oconee.

Two weekends ago, mom and I headed to the Lake Oconee Living Dream Home at Lake Oconee. First of all, I love the peeps at Lake Oconee Living because well, they give me work. And secondly, this was a great event for a great cause ....more

Ten Things Thankful: Fall Road Trip addition.

Oh dears. I shan’t even look at the last time I posted. I need to go back over the last few weeks and put a few great things – down ....more

That garden gnome is messing with my head.

It all started with a cup o’ dirt. ...more

Thoughts on being the “Old Freak” Room Mom.

Some of you might have seen this recent FB post of mine. ...more

Ronald McDonald House of Central Georgia. I’ll supersize that.

There’s been something I’ve wanted to share with y’all. Last Sunday, my RMHC running buddy and I went to Macon to visit the Ronald McDonald House of Central Georgia. The one where the funds from our Miles of Miles TeamRMHC RunDisney efforts are headed ....more

Running with the Fuzz.

Has anyone born before 1990 ever heard of our fine officers in blue as the Fuzz? I thought not. Today my TeamRMHC running buddy and I headed to nearby Covington for the Fuzz Run ....more

Never underestimate the power of an Arnold Palmer.

Or a curly-headed child, holding a lemonade stand sign. ...more

My bike. #SOCSunday

I’ve seen where @susannabarbee and @jaimemckee have been doing a Stream of Conscious weekend link-up. I met these two women at Type-A Parent Blogging Conference a year ago. It’s been fun to see how their social media/writing/blogging careers have progressed in the last 12 months ....more

Doster Road. No Brakes Allowed.

The other afternoon with a sky was as clear and blue as an aqua cat’s eye marble, I pulled my bike outside. As the heavens arched overhead and the pavement rushed underneath, even the trees stood still. No wind except the rush of air created by speed ....more