Happy Will Butts Day! Also - meet the CMN Texas Ambassador!

I have waited so long to finally blog about this and am so excited to share some big news... Will has been announced as the official Texas Ambassador Champion for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!!! It's huge! ...more

Spring 2014 (Recap)

Summer is thankfully only a short and sweet 5 days away for this family. ...more

Ellie Runs a Race!!!

Earlier this spring, Ellie finally accomplished a big milestone that we had been working on for over a year... ELLIE CAN STAND UP BY HERSELF!!!! This may seem crazy but one of my favorite parts about parenting kiddos with differences (& I have a lot of favorite parts :)) is how we don't take much for granted ....more

First Camping Trip!

I love camping! For years and years I have begged my husband to take us camping. ...more


Happy Easter! So - life has kind of just happened this spring & opening up a computer hasn't made it to the top (or middle or bottom apparently) of my priority lists. We've had some big firsts this spring & I can't wait to share them ....more

Under the Sea & Ice Storm Adventures!

Two weekends ago, we loaded up the party van with Cookie & Lovie for a trip to Dallas. For Christmas, Cookie & Lovie gave us tickets to several Broadway musicals in Dallas & we decided to make a weekend out of the trip. It was a beautiful Saturday - 81 degrees!! ...more

Ellie - 3 1/2

Last week we had a big half birthday in our house! On Monday morning, I had every intention of celebrating Ellie's half birthday... until I was up most of the night with her as she was sick, Will woke up with a fever, and I had a stomach bug ....more

Leapknot - a Giveaway!

Way way way back in like July of 2013, I "interviewed" an old friend, Megan, regarding the release of her husband's first book, It's Just a Couch. ...more

Ellie is a Big Girl!!

Ellie has BIG news! Someone potty trained herself & hasn't had a single accident since the second she started - over 2 weeks ago! I have been so so blessed in the potty training department ....more

ABC - Easy as 123! A Kindergarten Update

Recently, I found this New Year's Resolution Will made one year ago - he was struggling with printing letters and working so hard to write clearly. Interestingly, his resolution for 2013 was to not "fight my mommy for my medicine" regarding a daily shot he takes. ...more