Single motherhood in Korea, KUMFA holiday gift drive

Mission complete! We just filled Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association last requested donation for a single mother and her five-year-old daughter in Korea. I can't tell you how happy that makes me! ...more

National Adoption Awareness month: it's complicated

Here we are, about smack in the middle of National Adoption Awareness month. If you are not in the adoption world, you might not be aware that it's also a time when there can be heated debates between different parties involved in adoption who use this time to air opposing perspectives.Before we were an adoptive family, I could not have dreamed there could be so many opinions on adoption. You either get adoption, or you don't, right?But as with any issue, there are a myriad of opinions about this subject ....more

Sources for Korean Christmas Ornaments

Our 2014 family ornament from HERE. Christmas is right around the corner! I'm trying not to panic! ...more

Asian and multicultural dolls for kids

Hi all.Just a quick note. I recently learned about this great company called Pattycake Doll Company, that specializes in dolls that aren't...mainstream.You know, boy dolls. Asian dolls ....more

Big Brother is 4!

(Finally getting around to posting this....Little Man turned 4 in July!)Dear Little Man, The kids were all gathered around party table as I put the candles into the chocolate cupcake topped with purple frosting.One.Two.Three.As I prepared to light the candles, The Man says, "you ARE going to put one more on, right". Ack! I still couldn't get it into my brain ....more

Things change

Hey there. Remember me?I'm the dimwit who wrote a season-ending giant cliffhanger a few months ago, saying things were going to change.And then I never returned. So let me catch you up.First there was this: And this: And then all of this ....more

Nanny in the house

I never really saw us as nanny people. That very word seems so pretentious and conjures up images of an uptight, elderly fussbucket who caters to rich families and spoiled children. However, I'm changing my tune ....more

Three years a family!

Starting our life together. 5/10/2011 (This is a catch-up post. Our family day with Little Man was May 10 ....more

Catching up

Wow.I have no idea where these past months have gone. Wait...yes I do. They've been spent changing diapers, fostering a sibling relationship, trying to carve out some time for me, finding a nanny, returning to work, struggling to stay ahead of the never-ending laundry ....more

We're all doing OK

Thanks to everyone who reached out in different ways after my last post. Your emails, messages and thoughts are greatly appreciated and helped during difficult moments. I know I am not the only one to have experienced losing a sibling and hope everyone who has been through it has as much support as I have had ....more