Pardon My Dust

I'm a thirty-something mom of two crazy boys. I love anything DIY, crafty, fun, and conservative. I love laughing at life, and strive to learn something new everyday. I'm on a quest for wellness and weight loss, and have recently found my exercise/ diet groove. I'm excited about the results so far! I'm diligent and honest, and have been described as "everyone's best friend." I love bacon and coffee. Not together.

Counting Mine {461-473}

461. Pure friendships. Ones that are happy for your successes, sad for your struggles, open armed, and lack drama ....more


His love for me put Him there . His love for you put Him there. His love for the best people put Him there ....more

Counting Mine {447-460}

447. Remembering the phone charger 448. And when you forget the charger, remembering the external battery ....more

A final farewell

We've tried to say good-bye before: you and me. But I kept needing you. We met 14 years ago.. ....more

Top ten: things I learned or loved this week

1. An afternoon spent getting to know a new friend (and her sweet baby) over coffee is a great afternoon indeed. 2. I love getting emails from my son's teacher when she's advocating for him ....more

Ten on Tuesday: things I want to be better at

Life is full of areas for improvement, isn't it? At least, it is for me. The dialogue inside my head is always showing me where I fall short ....more

Inauguration feelings

So, we have a new president. Here's where I start this post by telling you that I wasn't really rooting for anyone in this race....more


You guys. Six. Six blog posts in one year ....more

Yesterday, I turned forty.

So, yesterday was my birthday. It was a bigger one. Forty ....more

Motherhood:the fine line

So, we just passed by Mother's Day. ...more