Pardon My Dust

I'm a thirty-something mom of two crazy boys. I love anything DIY, crafty, fun, and conservative. I love laughing at life, and strive to learn something new everyday. I'm on a quest for wellness and weight loss, and have recently found my exercise/ diet groove. I'm excited about the results so far! I'm diligent and honest, and have been described as "everyone's best friend." I love bacon and coffee. Not together.


Let me start this blog by saying "I'm sorry mom...I know it's not ladylike to talk about the yearly appointment...please feel free not to read."So, there I was...exactly on time for my yearly appointment that was 1 year and 10 months overdue. Yep, I'm talking about the yearly. This was my first visit where I could whole-heartedly say that this is no longer my Obstetrician office, but my full-fledged Gynecologist office ....more

The safe place

There are some big changes coming in our little world. Big changes for us, that is....more

Counting Mine {364-386}

Friends, this is a therapy post....more

An update of sorts

My friend and I exchange bullet-pointed emails a few times a day....more

Just sayin'

So...C is on a preventative inhaler for his asthma.It costs a lot as far as prescriptions go, and every time I have to pick it up, the pharmacy tech always says, "This one has a higher co-pay....more

Counting Mine {343-363}


HAPPY 2015! (you know...a little late)

I'm going to go ahead and start this year of blogging like the year is just beginning here....more

Top Ten Tuesday: highlights from 2014

In an effort to get myself back on the blog- one of my favorite creative outlets- and also a way for me to catch you up on all the blog post updates I may have's the top ten highlights of 2014 (for us... at least). 10....more

Not-so-hot mess.

Hello.This is me; a not-so-hot mess.I'd say I'm a "hot" mess... but my bloodshot eyes, yoga pants, ponytail, and sweatshirt would suggest otherwise.Hence, the "not-so."I had a conversation the other day with someone who (occasionally) reads my blog....more

Learnings and realizations

It's been a while....more