Pardon My Dust

I'm a thirty-something mom of two crazy boys. I love anything DIY, crafty, fun, and conservative. I love laughing at life, and strive to learn something new everyday. I'm on a quest for wellness and weight loss, and have recently found my exercise/ diet groove. I'm excited about the results so far! I'm diligent and honest, and have been described as "everyone's best friend." I love bacon and coffee. Not together.


You guys. Six. Six blog posts in one year ....more

Yesterday, I turned forty.

So, yesterday was my birthday. It was a bigger one. Forty ....more

Motherhood:the fine line

So, we just passed by Mother's Day. ...more

Counting Mine {427-446}

427. Advancing to the next phase in Phase 10 while everyone stays behind. 428 ....more


So, we are in this season of spring. Manic May seems to have arrived early. At least the manic part of it anyway ....more

So, it has been a while...

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Not Me! Monday

My last Not Me! Monday post was amazingly therapeutic... and these kind of posts come to me faster than any others....more

Counting Mine {414-426}