The little bump on my left middle finger is a result of 10-year old me playing with a knife at my grandmother’s house. It was a curved blade, like a mini scythe and the scar is round, just like the injury ....more


Sticky. Darker than I thought. So much. My shirt, his pajama top, speckled with it. Beginning to dry, on my hand. Wet, my shirt is wet, his tears soaking into my shoulder, his pain becoming mine. Calm. Calm. Calm. Where is he? My husband? There. Come over, now. Take him. I’m taking a look. His hair, now matted. Sticky. A mess. A bloody mess ....more

In The Morning

Small, sticky, slightly salty hands assault my senses, followed quickly by his distinctive good morning yelp. It’s usually still dark so I can vaguely make out his small figure next to me, sitting up, wide awake – my opposite ....more

Parenting Truths We Can All Get Behind

Parenting is hard (what a cliche, but for a reason). Parenting is something you go in thinking you know everything, only to find out you know nothing. Parenting is different for everyone, with many similarities. Parenting is not something that can be taught, that has a winning formula, that in adopting one ‘way’, will ensure you succeed. ...more
The amount of times I say "I don't know" is appalling (and yet, refreshing. Because it gives me ...more

On Writing

This post is inspired by Jennie of A Lady In France ....more

Old School Blogging: The Marriage Edition

Old School Blogging is back! Elaine and Heather had such a great time with this last month (as did all of us, including me, who missed the linkup by mere hours, oops), that they’re doing this again (thanks ladies, it sure helps with the writer’s block). This month is all about marriage, babies and bliss. Here we go ....more

My Body Spoke Up

Last week, I believe I survived on adrenaline, chai, my children’s hugs and kisses, and occasional meals. I wrote a bunch of stuff here, I wrote a bunch of stuff elsewhere, and my 2nd blog anniversary came to pass (I could do some links here but I’m lazy). I was on Twitter and Facebook talking about Peeps (what are they and why the fascination, I asked?), and can you believe it, in the middle of all that, I ...more

Two Blogging Years

Yes, it’s me again ....more

My Now, Your Future

Dear boys, You are growing up in the era of social media, over-sharing and the “Me, Me, Me” culture. This is both exhilarating and frightening. Exhilarating because your (almost) entire childhood will be captured. Every small, silly, momentous event in your lives will be recorded right here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and who-knows-what-else-in-the-future ....more

How To Handle Rejection (Or How Not To Curl Up In A Fetal Position And Eat Copious Amounts Of Chocolate)

It’s hard to be a writer. It’s harder to be a writer who wants to make money from writing. And it’s really, really hard to put yourself out there and ask for a writing job. You plan the perfect pitch in your head. You run it by a few trusted people. You write and rewrite your pitch. You sit on it for a few days to make sure that it feels right. You send your pitch ...more