Farmhouse Fourth Of July Porch

This post feels weird to me, but oh so good. You see most of our house is in boxes still & we haven’t even begun to unpack. There are paint cans everywhere, lots of empty rooms & we haven’t even scratched the surface on projects we are going to be doing on our new farmhouse, but yet here I am decorating our porch & it feels amazing! ...more

We Are Painting The Farmhouse!

As I told Jose what I was going to write about on the blog today he looked at me & said, “I wonder if anyone will be upset we are going to get rid of the blue?” Ummm, I never thought of that! You see, since we first laid eyes on this house, & since our dream of owning a farm over 6+ years ago, I dreamed of having a white farmhouse. A cottage style farmhouse that fit our aesthetic ....more

Sunroom Trim Paint Progress

If you follow me on Instagram than you may have seen that I am currently painting the trim in our sunroom. It’s my first DIY project in our new farmhouse & I’m so excited! I was so excited that I didn’t even move any furniture before I got started ....more

The Best Farmhouse Decor From Amazon

Bread box [here]...more

Our Farmhouse “Before” – Video Tour

Hey guys!!! Today is an exciting day here on the blog. Not because I’m here to share with you an award winning video, but because I’m here to share with you a quick video tour of our new [very old] farmhouse that I took right before we moved everything in ....more

5 Tips & Tricks To Decorate For Summer

Hi friends!!! Happy first day of summer! If you missed it on my Instagram or Facebook this past weekend, we are finally all moved out of our old house & now are full time at our new [very old] farm ....more

DIY Window Greenhouse

Last night I visited my talented friend Holli from Hollyhocks&Hydrangreas...more

We Are Moving!! Updates On Our New Farm Life.

Wow. Do you ever have those times in life where you are like “Oh yah! I can do it all ....more

How To Give Any House Farmhouse Style

I wanted to come on the blog today to answer a question I get all the time! It’s such a good question & I feel like after making our 80’s tri-level into a cozy little home with farmhouse style I have some great insight & can give some good advice on how you can make any home into the farmhouse style that you love. We happen to have just moved into our dream farmhouse with tons of character that I am so excited to take you guys on the journey with soon, but not everyones dream is to live in an old farmhouse like we do now, but it’s true you can get that farmhouse vibe with...more

Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover

This is an exciting week here on the blog!! While we are moving to our new house, I will be doing final before & afters of all the rooms in our home...more