Life With Boys

Frazzled Mom of five boys... yep, no girls!  Our oldest is now an adult in college, our second oldest is in the Navy, one in high school, one about to be in middle school, and our baby is still in elementary.  My life is hectic and sometimes feels out of control, but it's also filled with a whole lotta love!

Ok-now, if you’ve read my blog well, ever! You know I’m not one...

Ok-now, if you’ve read my blog well, ever! You know I’m not one to recommend specific products. I’ve always thought that people like what they like, and that’s that ....more

He’s Back!

Over two years ago, Roy and I drove our son to the navy recruiter’s office. ...more


I’m going to come out and say it-stop with all the fanboy whining about remakes! The petulance about the new Ghostbusters has gotten out of hand. So here is my take: 1) Yes, we’ve seen it ....more

A Parent’s Fear

Let me be very clear here: This post might get tense, and that isn’t my intention. Race relations is a hot button topic in the country, and frankly it’s one I try not to wade into to often. Roy and I see ourselves as very openminded-I’m willing to give anyone a chance-whether you are the homeless man on the street or the millionaire sitting next to us at the restaurant ....more

A Smooth Talker

Hayden is 12. He’s an amazing kid. ...more

He Won’t Let Me

So, recently I’ve written about my obsession with the clothing company Lularoe. ...more

Gotta Vent a Bit Here

Just two things I need to get off my chest. 1) At what point do you, as an adult take responsibility for yourself? ...more

Duh, Mom!

So, each summer I pick a Netflix show to binge watch. ...more

A Mother’s Fear

Like many of us, I’ve seen the accounts. ...more

What the Heck IS this?!

So, Hayden and Dean like to go to the store with me-I’m under no illusion here though. ...more