Life With Boys

Frazzled Mom of five boys... yep, no girls!  Our oldest is now an adult in college, our second oldest is in the Navy, one in high school, one about to be in middle school, and our baby is still in elementary.  My life is hectic and sometimes feels out of control, but it's also filled with a whole lotta love!

They Will Always Need You

I’m a sucker for articles on social media that have to do with babies. The woman that just had her first baby and what the first 30 days have been like. The one that tells you what childbirth is REALLY like ....more

It’s an Epidemic!

OIt’s that time of year, guys. ...more

Listen Up Parents

And this is for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and big brothers and sisters. And It’s a reminder to me as well. Now a bit of backstory: with five boys we’ve dealt with a LOT of kids and a LOT of parents ....more

You Shouldn’t Stop Being Friends!

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen this. ...more

Please Learn How to Ask!

We teach our children how to ask for things politely. To say please and thank you, so when did it become ok for adults to circumvent these...more

You Smell Nice

So, I’m a magazine junkie. Real Simple is one of my favorites and I always enjoy reading their human interest stories-love stories, how we met stories, stories about parenting, etc. ...more

You Have Such a hard Life...

Now before I begin, let me say that my husband is a really amazing man. ...more

Come On Parents!

Here in our little corner of the world sports are big. ...more

Our Sailor

Joe turned 21 this past Sunday. And it’s hard for me to believe-five boys, and two are in their 20′s. Boy that makes me feel old! ...more

No Room for Pretension

Now, to be clear this isn’t a politically damaging post. This isn’t anything important or something that will better your life. No, I just want to go on record and say this: “Music and Pretension have no place being the same room together-period.” While growing up my parents never really limited what I could listen too ....more