Life With Boys

Frazzled Mom of five boys... yep, no girls!  Our oldest is now an adult in college, our second oldest is in the Navy, one in high school, one about to be in middle school, and our baby is still in elementary.  My life is hectic and sometimes feels out of control, but it's also filled with a whole lotta love!

Things I Learned This Weekend

So, we took the boys camping last week, and I have to say every time we take the RV out-I love it more and more. ...more

Losing the Little Boy

It’s happened with each of the boys, and it never gets easier. The little boys that used to run into my arms, and crash in my tummy. Or cuddle on my chest, because only mommy could make it better ....more


This isn’t just about the recent Pride event in DC, this is also about our Pride in our oldest. Corey is about to turn 23 (WHOA! ...more

I admit it-I can get a little competitive.Another Sunday-Another...

I admit it-I can get a little competitive. Another Sunday-Another Tournament… ....more

Another Saturday...

Another Basketball tournament....more

It’s Been A Long Time...So, Why Not a WONDER WOMAN Review?!

Whoa, that’s a long title-maybe my longest ever. ...more

They Will Always Need You

I’m a sucker for articles on social media that have to do with babies. The woman that just had her first baby and what the first 30 days have been like. The one that tells you what childbirth is REALLY like ....more

It’s an Epidemic!

OIt’s that time of year, guys. ...more

Listen Up Parents

And this is for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and big brothers and sisters. And It’s a reminder to me as well. Now a bit of backstory: with five boys we’ve dealt with a LOT of kids and a LOT of parents ....more

You Shouldn’t Stop Being Friends!

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen this. ...more