Just a girl trying to navigate this role as mom in the big city of LA.   Motherhood is a lot like high school except your car has more cupholders.  There are the alpha moms, the PTA moms, the overprotective moms, and then their is me, the "I suck at being a responsible mom."  However, I rock at being a fun mom.  Over the years I have found writing to be cheaper than therapy, this is my field journal as life as a mom.

Five for Friday - Dec 2nd


Thanksgiving Candlesticks

On a recent trip to Upstate New York, my friend Jackie came across these fantastic Eagle Candlesticks and knew they needed to be part of my spooky display at my Annual Witches Tea. She was right, they add just the right eerie spooky vibe and a bonus is that every witch looks great bathed in candlelight. Back at the first Thanksgiving, my relative, let's just call her Catherine for the sake of the story, was in attendance....more

Happy Halloween 2016

Can I get a giant high five?...more

Five for Friday: Witches Tea Edition

Five things that are rolling around in my head today: 1....more

Burning Down the House

This summer we took a detour on the way to dropping Mr. Boy off at camp and visited my childhood home....more

Five for Friday 9-15-16


Wednesday Wisdom - Washi Tape for your Cords

It seems like my charging cords that I use in my car only last for about a year....more

Wednesday Wisdom: Get Cash Back with Ebates!

Since constructing my beloved home that I refer to as "The Chalet",...more

Five for Friday, September 2nd, 2016

"My friend named Wyoming loved to greet her best friend by saying, "C Hey Enne"...more