Just a girl trying to navigate this role as mom in the big city of LA.   Motherhood is a lot like high school except your car has more cupholders.  There are the alpha moms, the PTA moms, the overprotective moms, and then their is me, the "I suck at being a responsible mom."  However, I rock at being a fun mom.  Over the years I have found writing to be cheaper than therapy, this is my field journal as life as a mom.

The Heartwrenching Part of the Last Year

It's been a year since I took Mr. Boy to the doctor for what I thought was Fifth's Disease....more

Five Things for Friday


The Year of You, The Year of Me - March

Last month I unveiled my 2015 project "The Year of You, the Year of Me"....more

The Bad Muchacho

I shouldn't be allowed in public without a chaperone....more

Four Years Ago I Lost My Mom

Sometimes when I need a little extra strength to stand tall, I put on a pair of my Mom's shoes. Four years ago today, my mom succumbed to Breast Cancer....more

Valentine's Day 2015 - A round up of the awkwardness

Valentine's Day...repeatedly the most awkward day of the year for me....more

Soapbox: Taming the Laundry Madness aka How I Stopped Sorting Laundry, Lost 20 pounds*, and Became a Millionaire*

Seems like these days, everyone is promoting "Hacks" on their blogs and websites. There are Cleaning Hacks, Parenting Hacks, Breathing Hacks, and every single time I get lured into them by their promising titles....more

2015 - The Year of Me, The Year of You

I'm late to the game with New Years Resolutions and themes for the year....more

The Fourth Annual Faux-Prah Giveaway

For years my absolute favorite thing to do during the holidays was watching Oprah's Favorite Thing show and watching the ladies get whipped into a frenzy about everything they were getting....more