Perfectly Imperfect

I'm a Christian, a wife, and a mother. Though unfortunately not always in that order. I'm from the South and I love it. I love home decor and crafts, but I stink at making them happen. I like to laugh with my child a lot. So I'm good at that. I'm also good at breaking out into a song and dance for no reason. That can go on my headstone. Oh, and that I love cheese and a good drink.


happy birthday coopy!

Our sweet boy is TWO!!!Oh Coopy, you have wrecked our world in the best possible way. You are every bit a wild, little boy, but you are also, hands down, the sweetest kid I know. You love, love, love your Mommy, but dare I say, you are probably more a Daddy's boy at the moment? ...more

update or something like that.

I shake my head at the fact that I haven't touched this blog since July.I want to blog. I miss my blog. But I sit down to write and I get overwhelmed by how much I need to catch up on, and then I can't find the pictures I want, and then I'm tired because I've already been staring at a computer all day, and then; bam ....more

8 months.

Oh my angel I figure since you will be nine months old in a couple of weeks, I should probably get your eight month update blogged. I took the pictures on time though if that counts for anything..Child, you may be far less documented than your sister, but don't ever let that be an example of our love. Boy we are obsessed with you ....more

7 months.

This guy. Good grief. Look at that smile.He's seven months old ....more

6 months.

I'm going to say it every single month, but how on earth are we already here???? I can't even fathom how your first year is halfway over. I'm going to be a disaster when you turn one ....more

weekend wrap-up

Do people still do these??I was looking back at old posts from when E was a baby and getting major Mama guilt at how little I've documented things for Cooper and am now determined to change that. We shall see I guess... Life is just so much busier now ....more

this time around.

I knew deep down that the possibility of my second child being just like my first was pretty much non-existent. Other than the obvious he was a boy and she was a girl, I knew that there would more than likely be personality differences. My pregnancies couldn't have been more different and I figured that was the beginning of what would surely be plenty of big differences in my children.I could talk for days about how their sleep is different, or that he always wants to be held while she never did ....more

5 months.

Oh my boy, slow it down please.I still think of you as my teeny tiny newborn but you're not. You are five months old and I'm dumbfounded at how we got here so fast.We had a doctor appointment the other day and you are right around 16 1/2 pounds and about 24 3/4 inches long. You are staying right around the 50th percentile for everything ....more


And just like that, five years has flown by and tomorrow, my sweet angel, you will be five. I feel like I'm going to wake up and you'll be sixteen. Not even kidding ....more

4 months

Oh sweet boy, you are four months old and I cannot even wrap my head around it. I'm not blinking anymore because I swear every time I do, you grow up more. Not okay.It's kind of been a rough month for you ....more