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Under Cover Waitress philosophizes on life from her humble position on the dining room floor. With her unique brand of warmth and humor, she discusses politics, labor and legal issues affecting the restaurant industry. She recommends books and products that appeal to her readership. 

Bad Changes With New Ownership

Ask the Waitress! The following plea for help arrived from Ohio: We are getting a new owner in our restaurant. We will have a new POS, new menu and new policies ....more

Tax Time 2014

Just a quick reminder: tax time is fast approaching! If you have questions or concerns about keeping track of or reporting your tips, head on over to H&R Block's blog post written by yours truly for some answers: How to Keep Track of Your Tips for Tax Purposes And remember the golden rule of... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Ask the Waitress!

Ask the Waitress! Hi, my manager has a small salary, and he gets half of my tips every night. The owner of the restaurant is a lawyer, and he said it's legal in the state of Virginia that a manager share the tips with the server ....more

More Questions and Answers in the Tip Out Debte

Ask the Waitress! This question was left as a comment on an earlier post. I am joining this conversation really late, but I am trying to find any legitimate advice on how to handle my new work situation ....more

Not Tips, Not Wages, It's About Pay Ratios

I don't usually cross-post things here with articles published at PayScale. However, this is (in my not so humble opinion ;-)) important. Share this with your friends who work in the kitchen ....more

Pay Stubs and Tip Outs

Ask the Waitress! I'm a bartender at a fine dining restaurant in Florida. The servers give up 3% of there total sales, 1.5% to the bussers, and 1.5% to the bartenders ....more

But Isn't It Strange... More On The Tip Out Debate

Received a comment this morning on my last post. I would like to respond to his/her questions here. This whole whether or not to tip out situation is very aggravating ....more

State Specific Questions About Tip Outs and Tip Pools

Happy New Year to all! Hope your 2014 is starting off with a bang and a great start. I am starting my new year with a little research about the phone on in all of our sides: the ins and outs of tip pooling laws ....more

Shoes for Waitresses (and Waiters, too!)

Everybody knows I am a huge fan of Dansko professional clogs. However, different veteran food servers have their own footwear preferences. I recently was asked by a rookie for recommendations for lightweight shoes with non-slip soles ....more

Why Your Waiter Hates You pt. 3

Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/v/D2rYDc0flRg?version=3&autohide=1&feature=share&... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...more