Never Pay Tax on Other People's Tips or Tip Outs

Ask the Waitress! This problem is one people write to me rather often. This is unsettling because every time someone says, "this is happening," we have another restaurant owner breaking the law ....more

Don't Lie to Balance The Books

Ask the Waitress! Hi, i work at a pizza restaurant as a server and my state pays 3.10 minimum for servers and 5.05 is the "tip credit" we have to claim. For example, tonight I made $14 after 8 hours at work but they still require me to claim $40.40 knowing I did not make that amount ....more

Tell Your Story!

I made a new contact recently. She is currently waitressing and collecting stories and experiences about what it is like to work in the restaurant industry. She would like to include anonymous quotes and stories from those of us who toil in food service ....more

Paying Tax On Somebody Else's Tips

Ask the Waitress! This is from the state of Virginia: My wife is a waitress in family restaurant in VA. The manager gets paid a salary and also considers herself a waitress ....more

Anybody Else Watch "MasterChef?"

I adore MasterChef. SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't seen the episode that was new on Monday, September 1st, stop reading now. Got'ta love Jaimee, and I was sorry to see her go ....more

More Tip Questions: Petit Larceny

Ask the Waitress! First, I know I am behind on posting, and yes, there are questions in my email that I have not yet responded to. I do apologize to anyone who feels ignored; it is not your question, but rather, my schedule that has kept me away from the keyboard ....more

Where’s the Breaking Point for Employees? [Infographic]

Many thanks to Oliver Carsson for supplying me with this interesting infographic and guest post. On "things the bug employees," 74 percent said "subpar benefits." Heh. I'll bet closer to 100 percent of waiters and waitresses might have that complaint....more

The Turkeys: RANCH

Long time no see, my friends. Summer has flown by and I am behind on posting; with the school year about to begin I shall only become busier! Many thanks to waiter and comedian Chris Maddock from Minneapolis, MN, for sending us this video ....more

How Not To Carry A Tray

Quite a while back I answered a serious and important question:...more

Some Sarcasm For Tuesday Laughs

Went browsing on Pinterest for "some e cards" that seemed relevant to my years on the floor as a waitress. I took a couple of sabbaticals, and even though I returned to the same restaurant after each one this was truly me. Hey, just being honest ....more