Smells Like Home

Small town life was never a thought in my mind as I grew up on Long Island, a NYC suburban area, but after moving to Connecticut almost 10 years ago, I found myself to be where I was always meant to be…in a quiet, rural New England town with old wooden fences lining rolling field, fields of summer corn that ache to be picked, and the fresh scent of manure wafting into your nostrils as you drive past the local horse farms.

I’m in my early 30s and work as a Public Health researcher at a local university.  In October 2006, I married by right-hand man in the kitchen and #1 recipe tester, Kyle.  Cooking has become a central part of our life together and we love spending time in the kitchen together testing new recipes or coming up with our own.

Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast Bake

Make yourself the hero of your house this weekend with this strawberry cream cheese French toast bake. Who knew that stale bread and those almost moldy strawberries would get you so far in life? If you’re anything like me when … More » The post Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast Bake appeared first on Smells Like Home ....more

The Ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Menu

As Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer grilling season, let’s take a minute to refresh our menus. Here are over 50 of our favorite “Grillin’ & Chillin'” recipes for an ultimate Memorial Day weekend menu. They’re all easy, family-friendly, … More » The post The Ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Menu.. ....more

How to Start a Vegetable Garden Part 1: Starting Seeds

Growing your own vegetables is one of the most rewarding activities! Here, I show you how to start a vegetable garden from seeds. Hi! ...more

Chorizo Roasted Broccoli Cheddar Overstuffed Baked Potatoes

Chorizo roasted broccoli cheddar overstuffed baked potatoes. Change your lunch game forever. Hello cheese sauce-smothered baked potatoes stuffed with all kinds of good things! ...more

Cannoli Cake

This homemade cannoli cake is a doozy! Homemade cannoli filling sandwiched between rum-soaked yellow butter cake layers with whipped vanilla buttercream frosting and loads of mini chocolate chips. I can’t even ....more

Homemade Crescent Dinner Rolls

These super simple homemade crescent dinner rolls are fancy enough for a place on any holiday table but are easy enough for weeknights or weekend dinners with company. Forget the fake popped-can variety filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce and … More » The post Homemade Crescent Dinner Rolls appeared first on Smells Like... Click here to be taken to the recipe ....more

How to Bake the Best Baked Potato

How to bake the best baked potato: Guess which appliance you don’t need! Growing up, I saw no shortage of baked potatoes. Cheap, easy, kid-friendly, and versatile ....more

The ‘I Want Chocolate Cake’ Cake

The I Want Chocolate Cake Cake: For when you need a low maintenance single-layer, naked-sided, made in a square brownie pan kind of cake to stuff in your mouth after a week (or day?) of pure torture. It seems like … More » The post The ‘I Want Chocolate Cake’ Cake appeared first on Smells Like Home. Click here to be taken to the recipe ....more

Cheesy Hasselback Potatoes

Let’s talk carbs today, yes? Because, it’s no longer January and so resolutions are no longer relevant. We’ve made it through the Super Bowl with all the dip and Valentine’s Day with all the chocolate ....more

Three Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups

All hail the no-fuss, easily individualized serving, three cheese lasagna roll-ups. Lasagna on a weeknight is now a legit option. Raise your hand if you feel like making lasagna is the biggest pain in the ass thing to do ....more