Get Your Shit Together

“Get your shit together” is one of those things people say when they’re mad at you, disappointed in you, disgusted by you, and so forth. “Get your shit together” usually means that once you perform this magical, ill-defined feat you will no longer have your shit. The oft-implied message is that you will no longer...more

Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen

Is your parenting playful? It’s easy to be a grumpy, grouchy parent. I know I am more often than I’d like! ...more

5 More Ways to Stop Yelling At Your Kids

You end up yelling at your kids for lots of reasons. You might have picked up the yelling habit from your own parents. You might be swimming in difficult emotions, and yelling is a kind of release ....more

Alfie Kohn

All links on this page are affiliate links. I cannot recommend Alfie Kohn’s books highly enough. I hope you buy one and love it as much as I do! ...more

I Feel Fat

I also feel fucking pink. I feel fat. Lately, when I take stock of my emotional state and my physical body, I feel fat ....more

The Most Important Part of Parenting

Parenting means weaving together so many different skills. You keep your child warm, well fed, and safe. You care for their physical health, their emotional well-being, and their spiritual center ....more

15 Benefits of Journaling

I’ve experienced the benefits of journaling almost my whole life, since I started journaling at around age 10. I’ve recently rededicated myself to a daily journaling practice, and it has made a huge difference in my life! If you’ve been thinking about journaling, it’s time to start! ...more

Canvas Bell Tent Options

I’m rocking a brand new canvas bell tent for this year’s camping season. I spent days pouring over the options before choosing which one to buy. I figured you could use a hand if you’re looking through canvas bell tent options yourself ....more

Let’s play pretend and give each other different names

In My Pop Music Privilege I highlighted the song Stressed Out from Twenty One Pilots: We used to play pretend, give each other different names, We would build a rocket ship and then we’d fly it far away, Used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face, Saying, “wake up, you need to make money.” This stanza really moves me. Have you ever seen a gaggle of 5 year olds dressed in tutus and cowboy boots, making up superhero names for each other and pretending they’re blasting off to the moon? And felt the bittersweet pull of a simpler yet more dynamic life? ...more