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Raising Rabbits in Colony

While many people raise rabbits individually in cages, I’ve decided to raise my rabbits in colony. This means that my rabbits all live together – male, female, and kits – in a single, large habitat. I call it the rabbitat, because awesome ....more

Where Are All the Fat Zombies?

How many people in the US are fat? Since I talk about how fat people are oppressed, you might think I’m talking about a numerical minority. It turns out that 35% of Americas are classified as obese ....more

Announcing Love’s Backyard

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Sprouting Seeds! Do you know where I’m spending my blogging time these days? I’ve got a whole new project I’m excited to tell you about! ...more

Sprouting Seeds in Your Kitchen – A 101 and GIVEAWAY

Have you heard about sprouting? It’s a way to garden without having to leave your kitchen. How cool is that? ...more

5 Acres & A Dream {Book Recommendation}

5 Acres & A Dream is one family’s tale of starting their homestead, from the dream phase to making it happen. You won’t find a how-to here. Rather, it’s a personal account of the ups and downs and lessons learned along the way ....more

Welcome Baby Bunnies!

My mama bunny, Barley, has a new pile of babies! They’re hard to photograph because they’re so tiny and still so fragile right now. There are about 10 of them, which means I need more bunny housing ASAP! ...more

Getting Started Raising A Pig

So you’ve decided to raise a pig! You can do it! Just five years ago I made the same choice ....more

Inherently Impermanent

By Joshua Bardwell, originally posted in June 2010 at Jack-Booted Liberal Gardening is filled with such extremes of emotion for me. Successes really fill me with joy… First batch of cucumber pickles is sitting in the fridge… Yellow squash and zucchini are producing really a ridiculous amount of fruit. Say what you will, you can always rely on squash to outgrow your garden beds and outproduce everything else on the planet ....more

Things I’m Not Saying About Correlation

I get a lot of fat-related comments and emails that I don’t publish here or publicize. Some of it is really hateful, most of it is just dumb. Most of it is boring, too, because people repeat the same things as one another ....more

Cured With This One Weird Trick

That’s an ironic title, of course. I think. I went over several possibilities for titling this post ....more