Raising Flowers and Kids

 I am a Mom, Stepmom and wife who by day also doubles as a Speech Language Pathologist in private practice. I love being a Mother and want to document our journey as a family as we grow, change and continue to "blend" into our blended family. I share my passion for life and everything else with my amazing husband.

Quote of the Week

“Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me.” I think one of my favorite words is the word “becoming”. It is such a positive, hopeful word....more

Quote of the Week

“What would you do if you were not afraid?” (I am so insanely behind with our quote of the weeks! I look at what is up in my kitchen and both I have not written about!! (I keep 2 weeks up at a time) ....more

And He’s Off….

I have sent my boys off many times now over the years without me on vacation but they have always been with their Dad (or their grandparents). I have sometimes gone several days without talking to them while they are away. I definitely miss them and think about them, but I’m relatively used ...more

July Long Weekend Part 2

We woke up early and I headed over to pick Zandra up as she was at her Mom’s. We had to take Rob’s car, as he needed my truck for camp. Rob is not a huge fan of anyone driving his car, so it was kind of hilarious that the time I do drive it, I take it away for a long weekend ....more

July Long Weekend – Part 1

Before I let summer completely pass us by, I need to back track and talk about our July long weekend. I’ll do it in 2 parts so it’s not too overwhelming! Josh has very specific, and limited time off from soccer in summer ....more

I Can Do It

My boys were very young when I got divorced....more

Happy 16th Birthday Zach! 

I can’t believe we have another 16 year old in the house! I can’t believe that my baby is 16.Oh I said it. My baby.Because that’s what he will forever be, right?And my baby is getting ready to head to Ecuador all on his own on a humanitarian trip.That freaks me out a bit.But makes me darn proud at the same time ....more

Happy Birthday Sam! 

Well he’s our littlest guy, but I have to say he ain’t so little anymore. The big 12....more

Happy Birthday Gabe! 

Today is Gabe’s 19th birthday and the whole country he now lives in is celebrating in his honour! How welcoming! (It is sort of nice to have the day off from school on your birthday…) It’s weird having him across the country, (in a different country!) ...more

Sam’s Grade 6 Graduation 

I remember when we first went to Gabe’s grade 6 graduation. ...more