Summer reading 2015

Summer is a marvelous time to settle into...more

What kind of mother would let her child read the local newspaper?

THIS ONE! (You can’t see me, but I’m pointing at myself) See, over in the upper right hand corner of the May 16 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune is a commentary titled “Yes, a child might belong at a protest.” I wrote it in a rage on May 14...more

Some of my best friends are trollops

It may not look like much, but believe me when I tell you that room 201 in Myers Hall...more

When housewives and bridges collapse

Last Easter, while others were churching and/or brunching, Matt and I went to see a locally-made film called “The Public Domain.” We are acquainted with Patrick Coyle, the film’s writer-director, which gave us additional incentive to see it, above and beyond our civic duty as supporters of independent art–and it did not disappoint. From the film’s website: ...more

Why this middle-class white mom is boycotting the Mall of America

As a white, middle class mom of two with a certain amount of disposable income, I can safely say that I’m the Mall of America’s target market. ...more

Radical homemakers vs. radical housewives

This post was first published on May 20, 2010, but is relevant today because a search...more

A dream come true


2014 in bests and worsts

2014 is over, long live 2014! Was it the BEST year I ever had? It couldn’t have been the WORST, but a lot of really crappy things happened ....more