Pin Of The Week!! How To Wear The Grey Tee.....

Hey Everyone!! I also fell out when I saw this pin! The grey t-shirt is MY FAVORITE PIECE OF CLOTHING!! ...more

Natural Hair: My Wash Day Essentials for Dry, Porous, 4c Hair......

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share my Wash Day Essentials and Routine for my dry, porous( please RESEARCH this, it will change your natural hair LIFE), type 4c hair. I used struggle so much with keeping my hair moisturized, until I realized that it was all about layering moisture rich products BEFORE styling this hair ....more

Review: Always Off Unique Cloths (Makeup Eraser Dupe)

Hey Everyone!! Ya'll know I'm always down for a dupe.So the tea on the beauty blogsphere is that Always Off Unique Cloths( sold at Walmart for $2.98, well at MY Walmart) are ...more

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Box Unboxing June 2014 + Coupon Code Link.....

Hey Everyone!!! I received my third Scentbird Perfume Subscription on June 20th, which was last week. I've noticed that the packages are going out later and later ....more

Free Designer Jewelry From Rocksbox!

Hey Everyone!! So I just subscribed to a jewelry subscription box I've hearing about all over the web called Rocksbox....more

Best Spot Remover Ever!!

Hey Everyone!!! I just wanted to do a quick drive by "product review" on a product that has been saving mine and my kids' clothes!I don't know how I do it, maybe because I cook alot, but I always get oil stains in my favorite tops. I've ruined countless tops, including my beloved grey v-neck t shirts from Target with oil splashes and spots ....more

How To Earn Free Gift Cards! #freegiftcard

Hey Everyone!! I want to hook ya'll up with the ultimate hookup. Within the last couple of weeks I have received a $25 Sephora Gift Card and a $5 Walmart using an app on my phone called Shopkick for free gift cards....more

How To Care For Your Clothes!

Hey Everyone!!! Have you every looked on the tag of your favorite dress and saw some symbols that look like the ones above? These symbols represent how to clean your garment properly whether it's home care or dry clean ....more

My Summer Life Wishlist! Food, Recipes, Beauty, Fashion and more....

Hey Everyone!!! Summer break starts tomorrow, May 29, 2015 for me. My kids will officially out of school ....more

My Art Print + Wall Art Wishlist from Minted! #minted #art

Hey Everyone! Every since the 1st of the year, I've been searching for a new piece of art for one of my bedroom walls. I did a huge purge of my things in January and a mini one this month because transitioning into more of a minimalist lifestyle ....more