Don't Quote The Raven

A 32-year old mom of two and wife of one. I blog. I love tattoos and snowboarding. I have a huge girl crush on Judge Judy and often quote Dr. Phil. People either love me, or they love me. There really is no in-between. 

A Weekend Away

just taking the short cut back to Brittany's house...up there on top of that hill. This last weekend I made the three hour trek to the Palouse to visit my sister Boobette. She had a baby only three short months ago and I was dying to go and get my hands on that mini ....more

I'd give this one a 50/50

No idea what number Stitch Fix this is, all I know is I still get all excited when the box shows up on my doorstep. (Again, you can go here and learn everything there is to know about Stitch Fix - In short, you sign up, fill out a detailed survey about your style preferences and then your personal stylist picks out items just for you and they get shipped to your door every month. You keep what you want, send back what you don't ....more


Honestly, don't you just want to look someone straight in the eye and say with a voice calm as the night sky...shut. up. Just shut up and go eat a sock ....more

Sob City

Would you look at that (no filter!) sunset? Could make even the coldest person cry. Still getting used to being off my anxiety meds after taking them almost every day for 10 years (sans pregnancy months, of course) ....more

Important Random Things

- I cutted my bangs. Again. I swore I would never ever ever no never ever schmever cut my bangs again but I did ....more

Sometimes You Luck Into The Most Amazing Things

LIKE THE TACO BELL FACEBOOK PAGE! I'm not sure how I ended up there, but I did, and the comments had me rolling. The term "LOL" has never been more literal than when I sat there in that pleather chair waiting for my kids to get a haircut....more

New Years Eve 2014

New Year, New Me. Lol just kidding. When you're this awesome, you don't really want to change a thing ....more

A Few Last Minute End of the Year Confessions

but first, llama take a seflie....more

My Crazy Meds Are Making Me Crazy

I've talked about my anxiety before, but for those of you who haven't read my previous posts, I used to have anxiety so bad I would be driving down the road and would have to pull over suddenly because I felt like I was about to pass out at the wheel. I felt jittery and almost like I was outside myself looking in. I would be sitting at lunch and would just feel so...out of it ....more

Life Lately

- I took the boys to see Santa the other day, and not the mall Santa either, that dude is creepy. Instead I took them to see a fun Santa who I hear is amazing with kids. Lively, isn't perverted or dead in the eyes like mall Santa's seem to be ....more