Don't Quote The Raven

A 32-year old mom of two and wife of one. I blog. I love tattoos and snowboarding. I have a huge girl crush on Judge Judy and often quote Dr. Phil. People either love me, or they love me. There really is no in-between. 

Life Updates

bag found HERE BLOG UPDATE I admit, I miss my blog. I used to love it, back in the heyday, and then I totally got burnt out and I always say I'll be back with a vengeance and then I putter off but I think this impending summer is re-energizing me and making me feel the burn again, and also, I have some summer blog obligations I have to keep so I hope that motivates me also. I actually have a lot lot lot of things I want to write about, to give my never to humble opinion about ....more

I Confess...

Time I think for a good ol' fashioned "I confess" know, like the good 'ol days, when bloggers blogged and lame giveaways were enough. I confess: I always "accidentally" leave the price tag on a gift whenever I give a present to a friend so they know how much I spent on them. I confess: I'm voting for Trump ....more


those bangs tho... My mom is my person. The one who has always encouraged me to go after my dreams ....more

How Do You Like These Coconuts?

Coconuts, pineapples, oranges, apples...samesies basically, right? Meet my new favorite summer tee. A new twist on "how you like them apples" but with and a little island attitude and a lot of beach flair....more

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is gorgeous. I'd been there twice before (once way before kids and once with just Gunner when he was a baby) yet I didn't remember either of those times. Visiting Waikiki Beach this time was like seeing it for the first time ....more

We're Ready For You, Spring

I love watching my kids play. I get so inspired by their creativity, their imagination, the way they see the world. I often think I'm the one teaching them yet I find myself being taught so many amazing life lessons by two kids under 10 ....more

A Grotto Hef Would Be Jealous Of

...only because there aren't loads of STD's floating least I don't think there are... I can't get over how much we love Hawaii....more

Palm Trees Are My Spirit Animal

And now starts the weeklong Hawaii vacation photos post. You've been warned....more

I Didn't Choose The Simple Life, The Simply Life Chose Me

Every day as I drive down the hill taking my two kids to school, I pass by a neighbor and he's always standing in his 3000 SF bonus garage admiring his ten cars. A Lamborghini here, a Ferrari there, a Porsche or two over in that corner and because he's an equal opportunity millionaire, a powder blue Kia parked in the way way back. I pass by every morning and think to myself, you know, that must really suck ....more

A Few Things Before The Weekend...

- I finally joined snapchat. My husband still thinks that it's for teenagers who want to send nudey photos, and I kinda do too, but every other blogger is signed up (as well as the cast of Vanderpump Rules, yes I follow them all) so I figured, eh, what's one more social media app to distract me from my children. My username is snapdragon15 ....more