Milk & Honey Buns

I always jot down recipe ideas as they pop into my head, and the concept of a milk & honey loaf has been kicking around in my notebooks for almost two years now. Two years! I had a very specific idea of what it would taste like, how it would look, what kind of texture etc....more

Butterscotch and Brownie Trifle

Trifles are great when you're searching for something fancy that's quick and semi-homemade. Usually pre-made cakes or lady fingers are layered with pre-made custard or whipped cream and fruit then chilled before being served. I've eaten and enjoyed these kinds trifles before, and even have a recipe of my own that calls for storebought angel food cake so I definitely understand the appeal ....more

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tart

Chocolate chip cookies are my go-to recipe. They're easy to make, a crowd pleaser, and I almost always have the ingredients on hand. To me they're one of the most classic desserts, and you can't go wrong with...more

My 5 Most Used Cookbooks of 2013

I have lots of beautiful cookbooks, but I don't use them all on a regular basis. Totally guilty of having many a book that sits forgotten on my shelf after I've gazed at the photos and read through the recipes. However, not all of my cookbooks are destined collect dust: some I rely on and use time and time again ....more

Cookie Butter Shortbread Bites

These little bites have buttery shortbread crust, a smooth cookie butter center, and a cookie butter chocolate ganache topping. They're almost like a candy bar, or a cross between a cookie and a square. Plus, let's not forget that they are cookie..filled with a butter made from cookies ....more

Guest Post: Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter Rice Pudding

The end of the holiday season doesn't mean the end of celebrating traditions. In fact, right now at this very moment thousands of people across the country are taking part in the long, rich tradition of swearing off unhealthy foods forever (or until mid-February). I love a good tradition, so today I'm sharing a recipe for Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter Rice Pudding on the Peanut Butter and Co All-Star Recipe Blog ....more

Happy New Year {2014}

(oh look. A big, stupid deer in our yard. Details on my feelings about deer and their horrible antlers under The Bad) Last year, instead of doing a recipe round-up I wrote a more personal list of the the good and bad things that happened over the year, as well as some goals I had for the coming months ....more

Mini Chocolate Glazed Cheesecakes

This holiday season seems to have flown by. I remember when I was younger and would wait impatiently for Christmas slooowly sloooooowly creep closer. It seems that all my wishing in the past that the holidays would hurry up and get here has caught up with me and suddenly its like WHOOOOSH! ...more

Red Pepper Jelly

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the sweet kicky deliciousness that is red pepper jelly. I've written about it before on my blog and it remains my to-go for quick appetizers or an afternoon snack. Previously, I relied on jelly from the farmer's market, but last weekend my lovely friend Rachele asked if I'd like to help her whip up a homemade batch ....more

Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies

I always used to choose vanilla over chocolate, mild over spicy, and savory over sweet. But over the past year those preferences have changed. My heat tolerance has significantly increased, many a dessert have entered my 'want/must have' snacking list, and suddenly I find myself on the side of team chocolate ....more