Life in the Green House

I blog at Life In The Green House, Green because it's our last name, not because of a reduced carbon footprint. I started blogging to keep everyone up-to-date once my daughter arrived and it has since become much more. In essence the blog is a snapshot of our life, an extension of my need to talk all day long. I'm saved by His grace, a wife and mother, incurably southern, blonder than nature intended and a lover of all things caffeinated. 

wardrobe wednesday: fall wish list

Happy Wednesday!! We’re getting closer to fall temperatures and while I hate to see summer go (I flip flop on this issue a lot, it will be my downfall when I run for office), today I’m ready for something other than 95% humidity. So while it’s still super hot and humid outside, I’m daydreaming about fall weather and my fall wardrobe ....more

wardrobe wednesday: back to school shopping

It’s my mid-week favorite and I’m so excited to share with you the fun things we bought for BK to go back to school in this year....more

july happened

Moving right along, July was really just as fun! Maybe even a tiny bit more fun because it included a trip to the beach. We didn’t spend near enough time on the boat this summer ....more

june happened

June was such a fun month around here, it didn’t involve anything elaborate, but these were some of my favorite summer days with the kids home. Judson loves having BK around and the two of them had the best time this summer. To say we were sad to see her get back to school would be an understatement ....more

wardrobe wednesday: stitch fix

I took a little time off from Stitch Fix, but I was itching to get another box so I had one delivered this week. Just in case you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a styling service that delivers clothing tailored to your specific style and size (based on your input on a style profile) straight to your door. Try it on and keep what you want and send back the rest (you’ll get a pre-paid envelope to mail it back) ....more

first day of first grade

BK went back to school today, our summer has been a whirlwind. The last day of school last year I got the call that my grandfather had a massive heart attack and rushed to the hospital. When I think about it like that, it makes it seem like school just let out for summer ....more

wardrobe wednesday: rocksbox

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another round of Wardrobe Wednesday with Kristin. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom because there’s something free for you from Rocksbox!! Today, I have something super fun to share with you! ...more

may happened

How about a big May recap to help us catch up? May was a big month around here and I have plenty of pictures to prove it! We started off our month with a Field Trip to the zoo ....more

Create the Perfect Homework Station

Today, you can find me over on the Tuesday Morning blog and I’m talking...more

Healthy Habits with L’il Critters™

At the beginning of the year, Allen and I decided to change our eating habits and try to eat whole, clean foods. We decided to start doing better for our children and ourselves. What better way to pass along excellent health than to be great examples? ...more