Life in the Green House

I blog at Life In The Green House, Green because it's our last name, not because of a reduced carbon footprint. I started blogging to keep everyone up-to-date once my daughter arrived and it has since become much more. In essence the blog is a snapshot of our life, an extension of my need to talk all day long. I'm saved by His grace, a wife and mother, incurably southern, blonder than nature intended and a lover of all things caffeinated. 

Target Giveaway!

I have a fun giveaway today! We’re enjoying a nice week at the beach and I had actually thought I would blog a little while we were here, but we’ve been relaxing and taking it all in! Maybe tomorrow… But today, I’m teaming up with a great group of ladies to bring you a chance to win a Target card! ...more

Empowering Everyday Women/ Vanity Fair

I’m sure all women have heard of Vanity Fair®, it’s one of those amazing companies that have been around for years. And when I say years, I mean more like 100 years. ...more

Fill Me In Friday… Hair Routine, Tips and Tricks

I’m here with another round of Fill Me In Friday, and today I’m talking about my hair routine and a few tips and tricks I have. I posted about this a year or so ago and not much has changed. I chopped my hair off when I was pregnant with Braylen and it was a bit traumatic for me ....more

number matching fun

Last time I did a Fill Me In Friday about teaching BK, I said I would try and put some resources on the blog. Well, I’ve dropped the ball on the Friday series, but I promise I’m working on one for this week. I am making good on putting some learning resources on the blog, today ....more

the perfect planner, for me

First, let me start by clarifying a few things. These are solely my opinions based on using both of these planners for an extended period of time (not simultaneously). I paid for the Whitney English Day Designer and the Erin Condren Life Planner (2014-2015) edition ....more

Labor Day catch-up!

I have an extra set of hands around here today, so I’m actual going to try to get a blog post for each day this week. Lately, I can only make it to Wednesday before falling behind. These days, I have to do things in 30 minute increments (or so it feels) ....more

back to school

On Monday night, we went to meet BK’s new teacher. She was a little sad at first when I told her she wouldn’t have the same teacher, but thankfully, she warmed right up to her new teacher and was telling us how excited she was before bed. I’m so impressed with her personality, she thrives in new situations rather than shying away from them ....more

whole 30 results and FAQ’s

I finished up Whole 30 last week and I’m currently on day 2 of 20 before vacation. I debated whether to even call it Whole 30 anymore, because I think this is going to pretty much be a lifestyle change for me. I’ll probably follow the 85-15 rule and splurge at times, but I want my main method of eating to be aligned with Whole 30 ....more

Judson is 4 months old!

Judson- We are having so much fun watching you grow and learn new things. I told your dad the other day, it’s impossible for me to look at you and not smile. You’re always beaming a big, beautiful smile anytime someone looks your way and talks to you (except if you’re hungry, then you want to eat right then) ....more

Fill Me In Friday… Teaching Braylen

Each Friday, I’m going to be answering some of your questions from the post I did earlier and giving you a little more insight into how we do things around here. One of the most common questions that came from that posts was about teaching Braylen. Braylen has a really good memory, and she picks up on things really quickly ....more