Life in the Green House

I blog at Life In The Green House, Green because it's our last name, not because of a reduced carbon footprint. I started blogging to keep everyone up-to-date once my daughter arrived and it has since become much more. In essence the blog is a snapshot of our life, an extension of my need to talk all day long. I'm saved by His grace, a wife and mother, incurably southern, blonder than nature intended and a lover of all things caffeinated. 

festive and fun easter snack for toddlers

I’m a holiday lover, through and through. With each holiday that rolls around, I usually proclaim that it’s my favorite. In reality, I really think Thanksgiving may be the winner, but it’s Easter that holds a close second ....more

cadbury mini egg blondies

I have a slight obsession with Easter candy. The pretty pastel colors, the delicious chocolate, the time of year that comes with Easter. I love everything about it ....more

spring style from riffraff

A fun package from Riffraff came in the mail on Monday and I was so happy to see shorts and pretty spring prints. Last spring I was very pregnant with Judson, and not too excited about spring style, but this year, I’m happy to embrace some fun trends like printed shorts and patterned maxi dresses. The best news about these pieces I’m sharing today? ...more

Judson’s spring/summer style

I laugh now when I think back on the times I heard,...more

in defense of what I didn’t say

Leave some wisdom for the mother to be, write your best advice on the card,...more

Judson is 10 months old!

We’re late with this post once again. Thankful for photos at least close to the date, and notes on my phone so ...more

st. patricks day treats

Full disclosure, I made these last year. You know, when I wasn’t trying to lose the rest of the baby weight. I thought I’d share them and live vicariously through those of you who want to have something sweet for St ....more

love was in the air

I do understand that it’s almost March, but I wanted to go back to February for this post. Back to Valentine’s day, the day of love. Also known as, the day of preschool crafts, construction paper hearts, and more candy than I’d like my child to consume in an entire year ....more

February Rewind

I spent way too much of my time creating another infographic (also known as, stealing Kristin’s ideas). Truly, I could have written blog posts for the entire week in the time it took me to put these generic pictures together to represent this past month. Once again, I think February flew by us as we scrambled to get some order to our days ....more

shop sugarbit {a giveaway}

I have a fun giveaway for you today from my friend Natasha at Sugarbit. She has the cutest online shop with the most adorable baby clothes. Seriously, all of my favorite brands combined in one place ....more