Life in the Green House

I blog at Life In The Green House, Green because it's our last name, not because of a reduced carbon footprint. I started blogging to keep everyone up-to-date once my daughter arrived and it has since become much more. In essence the blog is a snapshot of our life, an extension of my need to talk all day long. I'm saved by His grace, a wife and mother, incurably southern, blonder than nature intended and a lover of all things caffeinated. 

a love day brain dump

I keep thinking I need to have everything caught up and in order before I post on here, but let’s be honest, these off the cuff posts I can write in 30 minutes are my favorite. I don’t love curated content or creating graphics in Photoshop, and your survey responses say you don’t love that either. So here’s to more of what you and I love in 2017 ....more

Disney Beauty and the Beast Live Action!

Can we talk about how excited we are about the new live action Beauty and the Beast in theaters soon? Belle is one of our favorite heroines in any Disney movie. That comes as no surprise to anyone who knows BK and myself ....more

Sweet Repeats THIS week!

Local friends, I wanted to share a quick post today on something you definitely don’t want to miss! Mountain Brook Community Church is having their...more

super bowl shopping, give me all the athleisure

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! ...more

december happened

Did I tell you like two weeks ago that this post was coming? Y’all. Life ....more

Whole 30 update + giveaway!!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month! My mom started Whole 30 with me on Monday, seriously it only took me 2.5 years to convince her that it’s legit. And spoiler alert: she’s already feeling better and sleeping better after just a week ....more

gatlinburg, 2017

We spent our long weekend in Gatlinburg with some of our favorite people. The kids have been so excited about our trip to the...more

Little Letters – January

I’m linking up with Kristin today for her new series, Little Letters. You can link up over on her blog, the second Friday of every month. Just write short letters to anyone or anything you’d like! ...more

november happened

Let’s say we catch-up on 2016 with a quickness so the blog can actually be in real-time in 2017. Oh, November. You were good to us ....more

january coffee date

Monthly coffee dates are something I really want to incorporate on the blog this year. Y’all solidified that decision with the survey responses, and we can get definitely get more personal (if you haven’t filled it out, you have a few more days). ...more