Easter Sale - 2015

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Grandma's Chocolate Cake

Griff and I ended up taking a last minute trip to the panhandle last weekend to have a chance to see my grandmother again. She's been in and out of the hospital for several months now and just hasn't been able to get fully well. I am so thankful we ended up going, as she has taken a turn for worse and is being moved into hospice today ....more

A Good Day

if i had to guess i think that i would say that griffin had a very...more

Books Of The Bible Rap Lyrics

As a part of our Wednesday night children's activities, we had a very generous donation made to our ministry to purchase 45 Bibles so that each student would have one to use during our lesson. It also helps that we're all using the same one, which makes it slightly easier for me to tell the kids where they need to be for our lesson that night. Despite the help that I try and give them on where to go, I've noticed that most of our kids don't know the books of the Bible ....more

Friday Favorites: Griffin Quotes

Momma I carry you?[when he wants to be picked up]---------------------------------------------Castle! Castle![pointing to shoe, wanting me to get the sand out]---------------------------------------------praying:dear JESUSSSSSS.THANK YOOOOOOOUU.DAY.THANK YOOOOOOOUU.moMMAdaDDYKODABEARhelp meSLEEEEEEEEP.night night.love you.AMEN.[because yelling helps the prayers to get through.]---------------------------------------------Heart? Heart?[when requesting to sing "Down In My Heart"]---------------------------------------------No get me ....more

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Back in December I hosted a simple "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" party for a few of Griffin's friends. It sounds much fancier than it was, as it was just a glorified playdate so the moms could get together and have coffee!I created an invitation using PicMonkey and texted it to everyone.Simple snacks for the kids [cookies, powdered sugar donuts, donut holes, and little smokies to balance out the sugar high!] A coffee station for the moms and snowman treats as goodie bags. [which I forgot to hand out and Griff is still playing with!]The "snowman" was based off of this pin I'd seen a while back ....more

You Can't Handle...

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Five On Friday

[ one ]twice this week griff has woken up from his nap but wasn't quite ready to actually be awake, ...more

Big Emotions.

A few weeks ago I read a post on the Hands Free Mama blog that I really loved. ...more

3 Months [a look back]

sigh. i was looking through old drafts and found this one in there. where did my baby go? ...more