The Harris Life

I am a part-time working, part-time SAHM to two precious girls, Rory and Ryder. They are precious but major stinkers- always getting into mischeif and keeping my blog material flowing. I am passionate about being real about my struggles and triumphs as a mom and wife. I know I don't have it all together, and I'm not afraid to show my failures. A few things I love- interior design, matching outfits for my girls, NYC, reality TV, eCards, chocolate, fashion, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and SEC football.

a letter to Rory on her 6th birthday.

Dear Rory, Just writing the introduction came with painful, but happy, prickling tears to my eyes. I cannot believe another year has gone by and that you are now 6. I don’t know why 6 seems so much bigger but it just does ....more

Rory’s Fashion Show Birthday Party

Rory and I brainstormed what kind of party she wanted to have for a few weeks and we finally decided that a Fashion Show Party would be the best party EVER for her. She told me it was the best and I certainly hope it was and that she and her friends had a fantastic time! Unfortunately I forgot to designate someone to take pictures and so all of my pictures are subpar phone pictures ....more

my miscarriage story

I have gone back and forth and debated with myself about whether or not I should share this or not since the moment I learned we were miscarrying. After sharing on facebook, I received so many messages from friends saying they were so glad I shared and that they, too, had been through this before. The saddest part about miscarriages is that they seem so shameful and you never hear about them ....more

Christmas Letter 2015

I just seriously cannot believe it is already Christmas and 2015 is coming to an end. This year has flown by faster than any other year. What a year we have had! ...more

I’m going to need these coughs to go.

As I have told you before in many different ways…. COUGHING IS THE ONE THING THAT CAN DRIVE THIS SISTER OFF A LEDGE. All four of us have had the worst cough and it doesn’t seem to be subsiding ....more

things I’m into lately?

Listen. I have felt so bad about letting things go here on the blog. I mean, it is seriously neglected ....more

Halloween 2016

We have had the most eventful Halloween week in the history of all our Halloweens. Last week was such a whirlwind that I still feel hungover from all the sugar and events. On Thursday Rory had her first ever field trip! ...more

just happy to be alive

I feel the need to start off this blog post by saying…. I just absolutely adore going into bathrooms around the house every single day and finding a huge log of sh crap in the toilets. IT NEVER FAILS, PEOPLE ....more

like a fog horn to my soul; a post brought to you at 3:34am

Do you ever wonder, “what the heck was I thinking?!!!”...more

life updates: diy haircuts, boyfriend dilemmas, and new jobs

It has been a while since I did an overall life update here on the ol’ blog. It seems like any time I do it is to announce we are moving, ha! No worries, we are not moving! ...more