The Harris Life

I am a part-time working, part-time SAHM to two precious girls, Rory and Ryder. They are precious but major stinkers- always getting into mischeif and keeping my blog material flowing. I am passionate about being real about my struggles and triumphs as a mom and wife. I know I don't have it all together, and I'm not afraid to show my failures. A few things I love- interior design, matching outfits for my girls, NYC, reality TV, eCards, chocolate, fashion, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and SEC football.

no I don’t get free wieners for life

We are officially one month into summer and once again the saying, “The days are long, the years are short,” applies here. Most days I am longing for Andy to get home and yet I’m sitting here feeling BUT I DON’T WANT SUMMER TO END. Rory will be starting Kindergarten in just 7 weeks ....more

dear Jacy, on your 16th birthday…

Jacy, Today is your 16th birthday. At the risk of sounding completely cliche…. HOW?! ...more

the big 3-0 and a weekend at Dollywood

Well hello there. I assume I have lost all faithful readers including my mom at this point because who likes a “blogger” who doesn’t blog? I don’t either ....more

your typical outage update.

Today is finally (Allegedly) the last day of the outage. Please, Lord, let it be true. This has for sure been the hardest one for Andy ....more


We have a saying around our house right now about 99.99999% of things. Eventually. Me: “I really want some floating shelves here….” Andy: “Eventually.” Me: “I want the entire downstairs to be painted grey.” Andy: “Eventually.” Me: “I want a Land Rover/Kate Spade purse/trip to Europe.” Andy: “Eventually.” HA HA HA HA No but seriously ....more

I’m going down!

I feel as though the last two weeks have been a complete blur....more

bless this house

Today we bought a house. A beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with a gorgeous deck and back yard for the girls to play in. Rory has a chandelier in her new room and a wall of mirrors to dance in front of ....more

the best parts of motherhood

This past week I’ve been contemplating my mother’s day post and how I would approach it this year. Mother’s Day is so tricky. We definitely want to celebrate moms loud and proud, but the pain of infertility is at its height on this day too, so you always want to be sensitive to those suffering ....more

softball, twerking. same thing.

This week has partially flown by and drug on. I’m not sure if it is a full moon or PMS settling in early on the girls or what but MERCY. Attitudes and fighting have been in full force this week and IT IS MAKING ME A LITTLE INSANE ....more

You are sports people, I is not.

Our lives have been taken over by all-of-the-sports this past week. Rory has had soccer, and by the way, SHE IS ROCKING IT. Though, on defense she has more of a flare for the dramatics than a flare for actually getting the ball ....more