Five-Minute Pickled Peppers

I’m not a huge fan of really hot peppers (unless you’re talking Cowboy Candy), but I do love pickled banana peppers. Do you? I love the little extra zing and crunch that they bring to a submarine sandwich or a salad or cheese plate ....more

March Madness and Signs of Spring

It’s gray and rainy again this morning—not much of a day for gardening. Maybe I’m getting a little soft, but I’d rather stay inside the cottage and make something delicious to slow-roast in the oven. It is the first of March, and everyone is tired of winter ....more

Season of Change

It is a Sunday like any other, but change is in the wind. It’s in the trees and grass and soil. I smell it ....more

Easy Microwave Lemon Curd

I know, I know—I just wrote a post about lemon curd...more

A Taste of Spring in January at Just Fruits and Exotics

I was not the only being that enjoyed a January visit and a taste of spring at my favorite nursery, Just Fruits & Exotics, today. There were a few other humans and a lot of bees. The plant geeks were loading up on fruit and nut trees ....more

Preparing for Christmas

The presents have been bought and wrapped. Most of them. I hope FedEx pulls through ....more

My Cheatin’ Tart–Bodacious Lemon Curd Delights

If you’ve been visiting my blog, you know I love to cook with produce from my garden....more

It’s Time To Rum Ball!

My company hosts a really...more

How to Forgive

I visited my daughter and her family this afternoon. Quick visit. You know how it is—we’re all really busy with whatever the hell it is we think we need to do ....more

Our Mediterranean Cooking Extravaganza, Part One

August is not the best month for gardening here in north Florida. This weekend the temperatures are soaring into the triple digits. We let the garden go in August ....more