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Elizabeth is a Florida mom who has recently rediscovered her passion for words. She blogs about her struggles and successes as a writer and a mom at The Writer Revived and is the creator of The Mom Pledge, an online campaign to eradicate cyber bullying among moms. 



Adventures In Editing: Getting Creative

The other day I decided to get a little more creative than I normally do with my images. I had a photo I had taken of my daughter in our back yard using my new 50mm 1.4 lens. I normally make only minor edits in Lightroom, and had made edits to an almost identical shot already.. ....more

The Day I Realized I Was Being A Hypocrite - And Vowed To Stop

Normally, this time of year, I am busy lining up guest posts for my annual Summer Series. Which I have loved hosting on this site the past several years. But I won't be doing so any more ....more

Adventures in Editing - The Gleam In Her Eye

I recently purchased a new lens - the Canon 50mm 1.4. I shoot clients exclusively with prime lenses, and felt this would be a good fit for the type of photography I do. This is a lens photographers either love or hate. There is no in between ....more

Zoology For Kids: A Review

My child is passionate about animals. She's a human encyclopedia, full of all kinds of fascinating facts about them. And loves to demonstrate she knows more than we do ....more

An Open Letter To The Stranger Who Felt The Need To Tear Me Apart

We don't know one another. We've never met. We're not connected online ....more

Adventures In Editing: Blowing Bubbles

My daughter had Spring Break last week and we stayed home. It was a great opportunity to engage in some fun activities and play around with my camera! After a neighborhood egg hunt, she wanted to play in the back yard with the bubbles she had received ....more

Adventures In Editing: Under the Glaring Sun

The sun was high in the sky. There were no clouds and little shade. I had three tired children the morning after the time change ....more

Adventures In Editing - The Eyes Have It

Personally, I measure the success of my people photos by how well I have captured the eyes. If they are not sharp, if they do not draw your attention immediately, I consider that photograph a failure. Because as the saying goes, "The eyes have it." My goal, whether shooting an individual or a group, is to make sure the eyes are the focus (pun intended) of the image ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Bath Time


Adventures In Editing: Theater

As my series on photo editing continues, I'm going to take you step by step through my post process for one of the pictures I took at Wild Kratts Live! last week. I'm also going to talk about the importance of preparation, and the difference it can make ....more