Cycle Cancelled, Boo

Well today our ultrasound appointment revealed that S had one bully follicle that soaked up all of the Follistim, leaving the others in the dust. ...more

Ultrasound Egg Check

We went in this moring for a quick ultrasound to check S's progress with the drugs. ...more

Hooch and HootieHa

Today Jude told me that he wanted us to have two babies and that we should name them Hooch and HootieHa. ...more

Day 4 Femara plus Follistim Shot

As stated in the title, today is day 4 of S taking Femara and additionally she did her first Follistim shot. ...more

Day 1 of Femara and Swim Lessons

S went in for the ultrasound yesterday and it still showed her lining as being on the thicker side, though she did start bleeding more yesterday. ...more

The Plan

S went in this morning for her cycle day 3 ultrasound and to get the info/drugs for this months attempt. ...more

Let's Get This Party Started

S started her cycle today which means we are on day 1 of trying to concieve! ...more

Happy Easter!

We arnt a religious family but we do love holidays so Jude got the full Easter treatment. ...more

HSG Test

S got an HSG test done this morning. ...more

Insurance Sucks

So, going to see the Doc wasn't much fun today. ...more