Living Outside the Stacks

Jesus lover. I have the research skills of a librarian, the preservations skills of an archivist, the organizational skills of a soldier, and the domestic skills of a Stepford wife.

Life After Kids: Get Physical

“Mommy, Brandon’s getting me wet!” I look at my daughter with disbelieving eyes. “B-b-b-but you’re in the pool,” I stammer. Then I look at my son and half-heartedly reprimand him, “don’t get your sister wet.” I think his 4-year-old eyes are mocking me ....more

Photographer’s Choice {#OurProject52}

This week’s theme is “Photographer’s Choice”, so I’m sharing a few of my favorite pictures and the stories behind them. The photo above is of my youngest daughter; she taught herself to play the ukelele. I’m so impressed and proud of her – she’s so incredibly talented ....more

Mori Kei? Bohemian? Still Working It Out

A few days ago, Miss 21 (my daughter) introduced me to Mori Kei. She says this somewhat accurately describes my style. When I looked it up, one of the first things...more

Behold All Things Become New

Think about the worst thing that you’ve ever done. Now, ask God to forgive you. Believe that his son died on the cross and rose again three days later ....more

Life After Kids: Find a Hobby

“Jazmine’s mom…” I look at the little hand tugging at the hem of my shirt, smile, and respond. For the past 22 years, I’ve been “______’s mom”, “Tony’s wife”, or some variation there of. I will always be their mom and I will always be “Tony’s wife”, but I’m also “Daenel” ....more

Rule of Thirds {#OurProject52}

I had to go to the archives for these pictures because I haven’t been taking very many pictures lately. It’s been cold and rainy, I’ve been lazy busy. Even before I knew about the Rule of Thirds, I noticed that many of my pictures tended to skew towards the left side with lots of negative space ....more

One Dress, Two Ways: Whimsical Horse Print

Truth be told, I have a love-hate relationship with this dress. I absolutely adore it because The Hubs...more

Run: 1000 Mile Challenge

Every year, I like to do one thing that scares challenges me. And, for the past few years, it seems that those challenges have involved running {read about my first race here and joining Run for God here}. So, it seems only right that this year, the challenge involves yet another run ....more

Empty Nest: Where’s the Kool-Aid?

Someone is always gonna want Kool-Aid. I leaned against the kitchen counter and stared at the four pairs of eyes looking back at me, tears streaming down their little faces, empty cups being shoved at me. I’d had enough of the crying, the fighting, the wanting, the needing… I wanted to run away from home ....more

Green {#OurProject52}

It’s still winter around these parts, so I had to get creative with this week’s challenge and use a house plant. One that I haven’t killed. I remember reading many moons ago that you should always have something living in each room, you know, other than yourself and your family ....more