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A Christian SAHM Blogger and Photographer who writes about balancing family, fitness, and responsibilities (aka life) while trying to keep things as simple and natural as possible.

Growing Faster Everyday

It seems the kids are growing faster than I can keep up. In the last few months Wyatt turned 4, which we celebrated over Easter weekend with family back east: Naomi met her GG and Great Aunt and Uncle for the first time: She started really walking when we got back from that trip right around the 17 month mark and she had two awesome cheerleaders: We celebrated 18 months with her in our lives: The boys finished up Preschool and Kindergarten!...more

Six And On Top Of The World

Along with the simplicity of three, comes a pace of life that rarely allows for “spare” time. Of course after posting about the simple calm of our life with three kids, I haven’t had a moment to post again for nearly 3 full months....more

The Simplicity of Three

“Wow, you really have your hands full!” is a comment with which I’m all too familiar. Chances are, even if you have one young child, you’ve heard this a time or two....more

Reclaiming Something Lost

Oh, the journey this blog has documented. To think I started blogging almost 6 years ago (and to reflect on the person I was) is almost surreal....more

Naomi Year One: ONE Year Cake Smash Celebration!

Today is a day I’ll spend like an emotionally unstable wreck....more

Naomi Year One: 5/6th of a Year Old

My baby’s first year didn’t go by fast at all… said no mom ever. Honestly. Some days I feel like I’m on a bullet train to my kids teen years and, wow, that scares me....more

Naomi Year One: 3/4 Of A Year Old

Babies grow up....more


Children are fresh and new and wonderful....more

Naomi Year One: Half A Year Old

This little angel turned six months old about two weeks ago. Mother’s Day to be exact. We did a little photoshoot that day and I couldn’t bring myself to share her photos until now....more

Naomi Year One: 5 Months Old

I can’t even....more