Fine and Fair

I'm a mother, a wife, and substance abuse counselor. Optimist. Activist. Feminist. Altruist. 

I write Fine and Fair, a blog to and for my children about the ups and downs along the journey of raising them as responsible citizens of the world.  

Woven Wrap Review: Yaro Slings Turtle

Wrap: Yaro Slings Turtle BrownCarry: Double HammockBaby: Not mine- 15 months, 20 pounds It's no secret that I love babywearing. Beyond the function and convenience of being able to carry children hands-free, it has become a hobby and a passion of mine. Part of that passion is promoting affordable, accessible babywearing, because as beautiful as pretty piles of fluffy wraps are, the non-collector, non-hobbyist, non-wealthy babywearer is typically looking for something that gets the job done at the right price ....more

18 Months

Dear Canon,As of Friday, you're an 18 month old. At least, I think so. If my math is right ....more

#365feministselfie June

This has been a really hard month. Like, really...more

It Takes Someone Special

Dear Delilah & Canon,Today is Father's Day. There's a popular saying that goes "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad." While I'll admit that this message raises my hackles a little bit, today is not the day for a feminist deconstruction of the implications of this message. Today is the day for focusing on your father, your Dad, and him? ...more

Infantino Union Review

Amanda & Fox Comfy and Cozy in the Union Let me start by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post. I have no relationship with Infantino and they have no idea that I am writing this review. (Although when it is done I am TOTALLY going to send it to them and see if they'll let me give one away ....more

School's Out For Summer

Dear Delilah,First, let's just get it out of the way that yes, I'm a dorky mom who uses cheesy song lyrics to describe things on a regular basis.There.Your first experience with formal education, your first school year in a local Montessori preschool, has passed by in the blink of an eye. It seems impossible that 9 months have passed since you pranced around with your pristine pink ice cream backpack and then clung tearfully to your father and I when we dropped you off for your first day. Today, the backpack has been stained by dripping lunches and mud, and has carried in it numerous art projects and other work ....more

#365feministselfie May

Another month in feminist selfies has come and gone!The number of photos outdoors are a good indication that Spring has FINALLY Sprung after a very long, harsh Winter. Represented here are baseball games, weekends at the lake house, fun with family, the 7th anniversary of my first date with my husband, a Mental Health Awareness walk with my colleagues, and as usual, babywearing and breastfeeding. May was a busy month, but mostly in the best possible way ....more

Giveaway: Mahogany Tablecloth Shorty {$30 ARV, US/Canada, Ends 5/11/14}

I've been the recipient of some truly amazing "Babywearing Karma" and here is one way for me to pay it forward! This Giveaway is for one Mahogany Tablecloth "Shorty", valued at approximately $30 and open to the United States and Canada.This shorty is made from the...more

#365feministselfie April

Here are my #365feministselfie photos from April, in collage form!Highlights include the first bike ride of the year, hula hooping, Easter egg dying, getting gussied up for a fundraising event, tree-hugging, studying for a credentialing exam, and of course, plenty of babywearing and breastfeeding. :) ...more

Tablecloth Shorty 101

In the DIY (Do it Yourself) and Budget Babywearing worlds, the table cloth shorty (or shortie) is a wrapping staple.A "shorty" is a short woven wrap, used for quicker carries that don't require as much length as "base" size woven wraps. Typically made by splitting a 60x120" table cloth in two lengthwise, the tablecloth shorty can be used by most wearers for a variety of carries. It makes for a great "beater" wrap for housework or an extra carrier to leave in the car, but is equally appropriate for every-day use!Not all tablecloths are created equal, and the tablecloth you choose can make the difference between a diggy, too-thin wrap, a slippery and hot wrap, or a nice and cushy breathable wrap ....more