Easter Bunny Pillow Cover

I've seen some Easter decor that have a bunny with a pom pom for a tail {see here and here}. I thought it was a fun idea, so I decided to use it on an Easter pillow. I love his fluffy little white tail ....more

Princess Wooden Peg Dolls

When I was making the peg doll family for one of my girls for Christmas, I also made some princesses for my other daughter. I originally saw a version of them at homemade by Jill. They were here originally, and include a cute printable download ....more

Messenger Bag Tutorial

This Messenger Bag tutorial was a part of the Bag Lady Series over at The Ribbon Retreat. Thanks to them for providing the materials for this project. I made mine with some fun Free Spirit fabric ....more

Violette Fields Threads Flip

This month over at Frances Suzanne, I participated in the Flip this Pattern Series. The pattern was from Violette Field Threads (I love their patterns-so beautiful!!). Anyway, the voting is now up, and I'd love it if you head over and vote for your favorite ....more

Yummy Chocolate Lava Cake

Okay, so this recipe is a little more labor intensive than the cookies I shared earlier this week. But really, so worth it. Doesn't this look heavenly? ...more

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

I thought in honor of Valentine's Day, I'd share some chocolate recipes. Because, as we all know, you can't have Valentine's Day without chocolate. These are some super simple cookies that will give you a chocolate fix fast ....more

Violette Fields Threads FLIP at Frances Suzanne

I'm over at Frances Suzanne today sharing my flip of Violette Fields Threads pattern the Josephine Dress. Here's a sneak peek. Also, come back next week when I'll be sharing some chocolate recipes in honor of Valentine's Day! ...more

Fabric Doll House

Last week I blogged about the peg doll family I made for my daughter. I also made them a house to live in. I used McCalls pattern 6766, but you could also use the tutorial found here ....more

Peg Doll Family

One of the presents I made for my daughter for Christmas was this wooden peg doll family. But it's not just any family-its us! All of the outfits the dolls are wearing are outfits that we all have (or an approximation anyway) ....more

Jocole Endless Dress Test

I was able to test the Endless Dress from Jocole. I am in love with how it turned out. Seriously ....more