radmegan in words & pictures

Megan Andersen-Read (aka Radmegan) has been crafting, cooking and gardening since she could hold a crayon. She swapped her suit jacket for a non-stick smock in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. She has video workshops on creativebug.com and lynda.com. She is a craft and photography instructor and writer, who has been featured on TV’s KTLA Morning News, The Doctors, Craft Wars, and had work featured in BUST Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Kids Crafts 123, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, MAKE and Apartment Therapy.

She currently lives in Orange County with her loving husband, adorable baby and 500+ carnivorous plants she raised by hand.

Becoming Iris Apfel for Halloween

I recently watched the Iris Apfel documentary on Netflix and pretty much fell in love with Iris Apfel’s personality, wit and style. Watch this trailer if you are unfamiliar with her. Then scroll below for more on how I put this Halloween tribute together ....more

4 SUPER FAST Halloween Costumes to Make!

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Enamel-Painted Halloween Vases

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Bullet Journal Inspiration

Anyone (besides me) new to, or already completely hooked on bullet journaling? I...more

Easy-Sew Lunch Sacks

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Pineapple Lip Balm DIY for CreativeLive

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Father’s Day Leather Craft Round-Up

Need ideas for Father’s Day? Craft up some useful leather projects that dad will never stop loving. Check out the round-up of essential leather projects...more

Diamonds and Pearls

I just wanted to say that I still miss Prince. I painted this for one of my dearest friends last night, while listening to D&P on repeat. And maybe weeping a little ....more

Duolingo Inspired Painting: Tilbake Til Svart

I’m rapidly approaching my 100th consecutive day studying Norwegian on the Duolingo app. I applaud whomever submits the sentences, phrases, song lyrics that end up as examples in my daily language lessons. I look forward to logging in everyday ....more

Knitting Fork Beer Coozy

I had the pleasure of teaching...more