// writer's block

When I write, I see puzzle pieces. Each sentence is a piece that makes up a large puzzle... a book, an essay, an article, a blog post ....more

// bacon + egg muffin cups

Is this a food blog? Eating is all I blog about lately which is a pretty good representation of my life. I feel like my kids never stop eating and I never stop thinking about food ....more

// a lot of talk about food and waffles

How is it that two little people can take up so much of your time? I miss blogging but unfortunately it falls to the end of the list when my attention is requested somewhere else pretty much every minute of the day (...and night) but I'm here! I'm alive! ...more

// happy 2014

via ...more

// 2013 // what i've learned

I don't claim to be wise but I do know that life has it's way of teaching me a thing or two. This year has been a good one. Perhaps it was a bumpier one than I remember other ones being or maybe the bumps were just bigger than they have been in the past ....more

// post-christmas perspective

The holidays did not go as planned. There was too much busyness, my kids were babysat more times than I wanted them to be, my house didn't look as merry as I had hoped, the presents we gave were not as special as I envisioned, we didn't read the Jesus Storybook Bible often enough, I hung ten Jesse tree ornaments on December 23, and more than half of the Advent calendar envelopes are still hanging-- the special activities I had planned for Jake went undone. Need I go on? ...more

// santa for santa maria // give

My kid is in school right now. He goes to preschool because we thought it would be good for him and made a simple decision to send him. He has a bed to sleep on, ample food, access to clean water, and so many other things we take for granted every day....more

// past christmases project round up

It is taking every ounce of strength within me to refrain from starting the Christmas merriment. I am dying DYING to put all the decorations up, buy a tree, watch Elf, and do all things holiday. I was loudly singing O Holy Night at lunch today! ...more

// siena's first birthday party

we celebrated siena's first year of life on earth with a ladies' brunch. it was so nice to celebrate with just her grandmas, aunties, and girl cousins. so laid back and comfortable! ...more

// sg is one!

our peanut turned one on the 10th....more