My Semi True Story

I keep a quirky and (sometimes) humorous blog,, where I amuse, entertain and misinform readers with my occasional flashbacks to the 80s and non-award winning photos.

It’s My Birthday!

Today is my 42nd birthday. That means that I’ve had time to blow out a few candles, make forty-five birthday wishes (I messed up three of them in the 80s...more

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Bar

Yesterday morning I asked my youngest child to name one dinner she would like to have appear on this week’s menu. I was stumped for ideas and let’s face it, my...more

A Little Beauty

Thought you could use a little beauty today. Related Posts Windmill It’s Going To Be A Good Day Chihuly At The Garden Zemanta ...more

My Grandmother Has Got to Be Moving On

My ninety-nine year old Grandmother made the decision to sell her house and move into an apartment in a retirement community. Somehow this translated into my sister and I volunteering to decorate her new digs. Still not sure how this happened, but the last couple of weeks have found the two of us elbow deep in ninety-nine years worth of dusty faux flower arrangements,...more

Why Hello There Hot Dogs and Mac & Cheese

You most likely spent the last two days wondering...more

I Should Know Better Than To Bet A Twelve Year Old

My youngest daughter surveyed my Room O’Funk with a critical eye. Her gazed landed squarely on what can only be described as the giant pile of crafting crap taking up a solid forty percent of the empty floor space. She sighed and said, “You know not all of this … stuff...more

My Thoughts On Cool Hand Luke

“What we got...more

In What World Is Cake Pop A Better Name Than Tito?

My oldest daughter is a Freshman in high school this year. Normal mothers sigh over this realization and wonder bewilderedly about where the time has gone. However, my kid has me as a mother and I’m less upset over the passage of time as it pertains to her growing up and more concerned about how having a Freshman jibes with me still trying to pass myself off as twenty-eight years old ....more

My Thoughts On Bull Durham

The look on his face was one of utter...more

A Bit Of Funeral Pre-Planning, Grandmother Style

My Grandmother is ninety-nine years old. She’s reached the point in her life in which she no longer wants the responsibility of owning a home and living by herself. She’s decided to move into an apartment in an assisted living facility ....more