Space Coast Marathon Recap (Going Sub-3:50)

On Sunday I ran my third marathon. Until Sunday, I felt like the marathon and I really weren't good friends. Early morning wake ups, solo double digit miles, consumption of more Gus and salt pills than I can count, and the ...more

Let Me Clear My Throat

Ahem. [taps mic] Is this thing on? So, let's get the awkward part out of the way ....more

Completely Mediocre

I had a depressing conversation with a former co-worker last year. ...more

Best Damn Race Orlando (Recap)

The short story:Stats:1:47:26 finish time5/90 in my age group34/303 out of all women Picture cribbed from...more

What Makes a Good Race?

A little housekeeping first: the winner of the Dunkin' Donuts mCard is Kate! ...more

No. Sleep. Till. College. (Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Giveaway!)

One of the biggest lies I told myself when C was an infant was that once she slept through the night, I'd begin to feel rested again. What. A. Crock ....more

2014 Daytona Beach Half Marathon Recap

Surprise! ...more

Bite Me

Yesterday when I picked up C from daycare, a little note went with her: Let's talk about some of the many things I love about this note:1) There's a poem.Who wrote the poem, and what inspired them to do it? ...more


Hola, peeps. ...more