Belle Jhéanell

…well if you really want to learn more about me, it’s spilled throughout the pages of this blog. But the condensed version is that I’m a wife as well as a  mom to a the most amazing 1 year old boy and the most beautiful baby girl who now resides in Heaven. I’m originally from a tiny and beautiful island called Jamaica in the West Indies, but have also lived in the Long Island & Queens areas of New York. Along with my teen-aged sister, we recently packed up and moved to Central Florida where we are making a new life for ourselves. I’m also the Founder and Artisan behind a family friendly eco-luxury beauty brand called Jolie Bloom, which I launched in memory of my daughter Jolie.

Swan Boats At Lake Eola

When it came to affordable family activities to do around Orlando with my family, the Swan Boats at Lake Eola was one of the first things that I thought of. The beautiful scenery at this park is unreal in the middle of Downtown Orlando. I love going for walks there and hopefully one day I can finally try out the Farmers Market there on a Sunday – the parking is usually so crazy ....more

Fun Spot – Kissimmee FL

I’m not gonna lie, showing my family around Orlando has made me (dare I say) start to fall in love with it. I’ve been putting up a resistance since I’ve been here but more and more I’m seeing that Central Florida isn’t so bad…well besides having to drive over an hour to get to the beach. We’ve been finding many affordable family activities to do – it’s not just about Disney here – although Disney is cool too! ...more

Easter Sunday

Sadly I haven’t found a new church as yet since the big move, so I had nothing planned for Easter Sunday. While stuffing our faces with ice cream...more

Twenty Eight

The last couple days have been an absolute whirlwind between my birthday, family coming into town and adventuring around Orlando. I had a post planned to go live on my birthday but I never got around to finishing it with so much happening. I’m going to skip it for now and get to the fun stuff – celebrating my birthday! ...more

Brunch At Ethos Greek Bistro – Coconut Creek, Florida

Sunday morning we woke up starving and immediately went on the hunt for food before hitting the road to Orlando. My mom suggested a typical chain restaurant but thankfully it so was packed when we got there that we decided to leave. Truthfully I was in the mood for something different and was happy that it didn’t work out, lol ....more

My Natural Hair Staples

I can’t believe it, but I’m coming up on my one year anniversary since I...more

Spring Break In Cocoa Beach, Florida

Once upon a time, my idea of Spring Break consisted of...more

Mommy Friendly Swimwear

There is nothing I love more than spending my day at the beach. It’s where I can go to calm my nerves, re-charge and create fun memories with the people I care about. Now that it’s officially beach season (although, it’s always beach season in Florida) it’s time to start shopping for new swimwear ....more

My Clean Beauty Wishlist, Spring 2015

As a green beauty entrepreneur myself, I have a lot of love and appreciation for other brands who create high performance products without sacrificing the health of their customers. Now that we’ve entered Spring, I’m in the mood to purge my current beauty closet and make room for lots of new things. Here are a few clean beauty products that I’m currently crushing on: Any Clean Beauty Products On Your Wishlist At The Moment? ...more

My Mommy Body

I’ve been starting and erasing this post for a few weeks now. I’ve been very open about my weight and self image over the years. It’s been a constant struggle for me as an adult, and has brought me to the point of tears many times ....more