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Minute Angel Creams, 1955 – The Vintage Cake Corner

From Start With A Dolly Madison Cake, 1955 «...more

Potato Salad Gelatin Mold – A Mid-Century Salad For Your Labor Day Party!

I posted this hilariously delicious concoction last year in preparation for Labor Day, so I thought I would bust it out again. It pretty much has everything you need for any party, mid-century themed or not. It has drama, garnishes, gelatin and pimento ....more

Asparagus Casserole – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Casseroles can be comfort food: warm, full of calories, and plenty of tasty ingredients that play well together. Casseroles can also be the worst examples of cookery to come out of your kitchen, particularly if the components aren’t chosen with a bit of care. In this case… eggs and asparagus don’t really fill me with confidence ....more

Maple Leaf, 1940 – Vintage Cocktail Friday Re-Run

Hey gang! Can you believe that Vintage Cocktail Friday is already over a year old?...more

Chocolate Icicle Cake With Fluffy White Frosting, 1948 – The Vintage Cake Corner

From Adventures in Cake Craft by Ann Pillsbury, 1948 «...more

Colorful Gelatin Cookies – A Vintage Recipe Re-Run

These cookies are so cute, fast...more

Brownie Pie – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Sure, it’s not July anymore. And pie should probably be a “sometimes food.” But this one just looks so darn irresistible… Print Brownie Pie Author:...more

Sir Charles Punch, 1941 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

This week we are making some punch! Print Sir Charles Punch Author:...more

Dutch Plum Cake, 1959 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Our plum tree decided to go crazy on us this year. So, since I have a couple of buckets of plums laying around, I decided to make some coffee cake. Dutch Plum Cake, to be exact! ...more

Broccoli with Crunchy Topping – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

This is what happens when I let Buzz help pick the recipe. “Oooh, make that one!” “What, seriously? It’s just Grape-Nuts on broccoli.” “YES! ...more