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Adult Soda, 1969 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Even though it’s only February, we were in the mood for ice cream this week. An ice cream soda, to be specific. This is Adult Soda! ...more

Philly Hostess Dip, 1950 – Vintage Recipe Test Plus 5 Vintage Recipes For Your Super Bowl Party

Since the first Super Bowl was in 1967, I would say that it’s totally appropriate to throw a vintage Super Bowl Party. To help you plan your party, I made some dip. This is Philly Hostess Dip! ...more

Marbled Cocoa Cottage Cheese Squares, 1950 – A Vintage Recipe Test

If you have ever hungered for chocolate cottage cheese, then today’s recipe is for you! These are Marbled Cocoa Squares! Print Marbled Cocoa Squares Author:...more

Orange Peach Freeze, 1952 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

This week our drink is going to be a bit different. It isn’t going to have any alcohol! This is Orange-Peach Freeze! ...more

Chocolate Rice Pudding, 1935 – A Vintage Recipe Test

It’s Wednesday, and I need some rice pudding. Preferably chocolate. There we go ....more

Turf, 1965 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

It’s Friday and it’s time for a drink! This is Turf! Print Turf Author:...more

Stollen, 1959 – A Vintage Holiday Recipe Test

This week I have a special recipe test for all of you! It is sort of a guest test, but in another way it isn’t. This week, we all get to enjoy a recipe tested out by my mother! ...more

Party Sandwich Loaf Made By Reader Genevieve!

Who is in the mood for some turquoise sandwiches? This lovely loaf was made by reader Genevieve for a recent party. She was kind enough to share the pictures so I could bask in this loaf’s perfection ....more

Busch Cocktail, 1934 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Vintage Cocktail Friday is back! After a very long hiatus, I am happy to say that Tom and I are both drinking cocktails again. Whew ....more

10 Most Popular Posts of 2015 –Strange Recipes and Lots of Taste Tests!

Oh, 2016. How I have been waiting for you. As a blogger, I love wiping the slate clean every year and starting over completely fresh ....more