Work in Progress

I'm working on transferring my blog to wordpress. ...more

1 of 14

I finished my first book of 2014. ...more

Gardening Plans

My hatred of winter and all things cold has me daydreaming a lot about warmer weather and gardening. ...more

Lots of scrapbooking

Lots of scrapbooking this weekend. ...more

My weekend ...


Long ride Tuesday

30 miles!Long ride - long day.I've emptied and cleaned the blue room. Next step is to paint it. Maybe next weekend if I can pick a paint color.I also managed to get ALL of my laundry done ....more

Project Life and other randomness

Project Life Week Two (weeks are Weds-Tues, which kind of work wells with my schedule) Still working my way through Truman.Hit my longest training ride yet of 2 hours, 28 miles.I've kept on top of healthy eating all week. Taco lettuce wraps tonight! I've been good about taking an apple and a banana as a snack each day.Weekend plans: empty the blue room for carpet cleaning and painting, take down outdoor Christmas lights, go somewhere (suggestions?) to practice using my d7100 ....more

Resolutions in progress...First

Resolutions in progress...First, Project Life... Second, moving towards 2014 miles with dog walks and cycling... Since the 1st, I've moved 93.81 miles or an average of 7.81 miles ....more

Yesterday was a

Yesterday was a beautiful one. ...more

The dog walking

The dog walking streak continues!! Six days and counting. It was a cold one out there the past two days ....more