This is the day that my life changes!

Today, I am going to go over to OUR NEW HOUSE and have a little look around. ...more

Today my dog is TEN YEARS OLD!!!

Can you believe this adorable little feller is ten years old? ...more

That rare moment when Heidi The Hick gets political...

Here in Canada, elections are like national entertainment. ...more

Here is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I've been waiting SIX YEARS to make!!!

I've been mentally composing this post for weeks, no, years, and I'm just gonna go for it okay?WE SOLD OUR RECORDING STUDIO. ...more


First of all, I missed Johnny's birthday this year. ...more

My life is Therapy

That's what I do with my time these days: THERAPY. horse petting therapy dog therapy Apartment Therapy reading therapygroup therapylying down therapyslow motion garden therapy novel reading therapyart therapy writing therapyhot beverage and comedy therapyInstagram therapySo you get the idea.I sat on my horse the other day. ...more

My daughter, the ADULT.

Here's a self-portrait Selina took on her birthday. ...more

THIS is happening

As much as I still don't enjoy spring like normal people do, some really cool stuff has been going on at the Ol Homestead. ...more

Good Friday

My mom, being an adult who gets to make her own choices, decided not to go to Good Friday service at church. ...more