DANGIT AVRIL! Part 14, or something...

Partly because I seem to have developed a weird obsession with Avril Lavigne (well why not? We're both Canadian, short, and have dyed our hair pink, I mean, it's like we're the same person only slightly different degrees of annoying) and partly because I have a love/hate for Nickelback (well why not? You know have rocked out in the car to a Nickelback song and hatefully loved about 2 minutes of it) and mostly because I haven't done a celebrity post in a looooong time… WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT CHAVRIL ....more

DESERVING part 2: learning to just enjoy and appreciate this.

My last post was basically a big old philosophical gut-spilling, and now that I've got that out, I can get on with the next topic:My new saddle.This is the first time I've ever had a NEW saddle. ...more

The concept of DESERVING is one I struggle with.

What do we deserve? ...more

Let's be honest: this has been a kind of crappy summer.

Any of you reading this from my general stomping grounds, southwestern Ontario, Canada (on the map it would be the big fish's tail) might assume that I'm about to talk about the weather. ...more


Go order this book and read it. ...more

A little game called "Bad Idea Pony Of The Week"

I scroll through ads for houses I'll never live in and horses I'll never own. ...more


Leaves on trees.Grass is green.Plants are growing.Horses are sleek and fat and muscular.I am sleeping well.I ride two or three times a week, usually only a half hour, but it's okay.The thing I'm writing has been put into paper form and is mostly covered with orange marks.The barn and the house are still a disastrous mess but Whatever, right?So far, so good.. ....more

I need a break. (And a tractor to deal with all the problems…)

Hello. I know at least four of you are waiting for me to tell you all about our trip to the Juno awards, which happened, like, three weeks ago. ...more

Post Juno recovery time?

I've been home again for almost a week. ...more

WARNING: this post

WARNING: this post contains awards shows, parties, horse manure, complaining about the weather, depression, bitchy computers, alcohol and ridiculous high heeled shoes. ...more