Love, Sweat, & Beers

I'm an active mom, foodie, wife, and self-proclaimed health nut. I enjoy travel, good beer, and playing with my children (furry and otherwise).

Food, Fun, and Fitness

Food, fun, and fitness. Yup. That sums up my weekend, and it was in that order too ....more

I Need { Another } Vacation

Happy Friday! It sure doesn’t feel like Friday here. I was of work from last last Wednesday to this past Wednesday, and though working yesterday and today is no picnic, a two-day work week is really nothing to complain about ....more

Tuesday Quickie

Ethan is already awake, about an hour earlier than normal, so I guess I’ll keep this quick so that I can go and get him from his crib. Of course, you’d think he’d be a bit more tired given how … Continue reading → ...more

Sick n’ Happy

Helloooooo Monday! I’m not ready, but who is? Bring on the coffee! ...more

Fit Friday

TGIF, am I right? Getting back to the daily grind this week hasn’t been easy. It has been hard dropping Ethan off at daycare, and he’s been waking up at night ....more

Chest and Back Routines

It’s shaping up to be a good week. The food is good, and the workouts are good too. Plus, I have plans to eat out with friends both Friday and Saturday night (though it’s going to be hard to at … Continue reading → ...more


So we’re only a handful of days into 2015, and I’m already out of the running for Mom of the Year. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Ethan had his 15-month appointment on Monday, so he got to spend … Continue reading → ...more

Meal Plan Monday #10

Happy New Year!! And here we are, at 2015 and at MPM #10. Is it 10 already? ...more

Spoonful of WIAW

My cat-napper took a little over a two-hour nap at home yesterday, and Kevin tried a porter and actually liked it. (He’s usually an IPA-only guy.) Are pigs flying? Has hell frozen? ...more

Shake It Off

You know that meal plan I posted yesterday? It totally flew out the window when Kevin said he wanted to go watch the Clemson game. (no cable/satellite tv = watch game at sports bar) Of course, I had no problem … Continue reading → ...more