Friday Fragments: Southern Fashion on the Job

Apparently it's a week where I'm talking about fashion.You know you are southern when you are out to dinner downtown on a Friday night and a young up an comer walks by in his collared shirt, thin sweater and blazer and you think he's missed the mark because he forgot his...more

Jeans, a Basketball Game, and Yoga Pants

"The bad thing about your kid having a Friday Night game is that you have to stay dressed," I said to Lawn Boy recently.It was... a Friday Night ~ I know you are shocked~ and I was standing there in my jeans, desperately wanting to put on my yoga pants after a long week of work. Once upon a time, I wouldn't have thought twice about throwing on a shirt and heading to the game in my yoga pants, but I've gained some weight recently ~Remember when stress made you lose weight? ...more

When It'sToo Personal to Blog

I've always thought myself pretty open here in this space.... sharing things that I might not share with "real-life friends."Y'all may have noticed that it's been quiet here lately. ...more

Friday Fragments: It's Been Awhile

Good grief! It's been so long since I've fragged that I fear y'all might not remember me! ***** We are buried under snow, freezing rain and now more snow in the south again, so I'm taking a little time to blog ....more

The Year Starts Out with a Bang... Again!

I find myself with an unexpected day off. We are battening down the hatches Below the Mason Dixon Line, because snow is coming.There is no snow yet, but school is cancelled anyway. ...more

The Stockings Were Hung

Once Upon a Time, there was a young girl, strolling through Target with her husband, looking for something from which to hang the Christmas Stockings on the mantel of her new home.They encountered 3 sets of stocking hangers; Love, for a family of four, which they were, having added their second child is as many years to the pack earlier that year; Joy with book-ending...more

This Year, I Strive To Be...

There are big changes on the horizon for us: A new blog ~ if I ever get to it...see, there I go already A wedding to plan Two houses to sell A new house to buy It would be easy to keep saying, "I'll do that when..." ... I lose ten pounds. ... we sell the house. .. ....more

Keeping Busy

A little sneak peak at some of the things that have kept me away from the blog... Decorating cookies Looking at lights Playing in the "snow" ~ a bubble machine on a walking path in a nearby neighborhood Skating at an outdoor rink ~ Yes, even in the South! Recovering from the carnage! ...more

Teacher Gifts 2013

A little late to the party this year, since like us, most of you probably finished school today. I've known what I was going to give my children's teachers since October. I've had the "main" part of the gift since November ....more


Daddy and my sister Evie both ran track and cross country in high school. Daddy even went on to run in college and as a three-a-day smoker, for years, could go out and run a few miles at will. Evie, in her early 30's, with a baby that doesn't sleep, still plays soccer.I didn't inherit the running gene.I hate it, but as I've told you here, I kind of do it begrudgingly as a necessary evil ....more