Keep Calm and Carry On

I'm Katie! A twenty-somethin' wife and fur mom. The name of my game? DIY projects (with and without my handy husband). Fashion. Traveling (count me in!). Health nut but never misses an opportunity to get fro-yo. Basically, I love life a heck of a lot. :)

Take Care of Your Skin with Garnier SkinActive® Clearly Brighter™ {+Giveaway!}

Happy Monday! I really hate to say this but my skin has definitely suffered after being pregnant for nearly two years in a row. With both pregnancies I failed to properly take care of it (out of pure laziness) and I was unable to use some products in my cabinet that I was used to using due to the ingredients ....more

Supplements During Pregnancy

I've always been one of those people that take their vitamins religiously every single morning, especially during my past two pregnancies. I'm also one of those people that forces their husband to take his before walking out the door for work (because I'm willing to bet he probably wouldn't remember to take them otherwise), and of course the mom that hopes her toddler will continue thinking they are the coolest treat to have after breakfast....more

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The Best Women & Baby Picks

I'm sure most of you know by now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started! My absolute favorite favorite favorite sale! This is typically the only time of year that I really splurge because the sale is so good ....more

Life Updates

Well well well...where to begin? I guess the first thing to fill you in on is that I'm definitely still pregnant, and we're just waiting on pins and needles for baby boy to make his debut! I have been walking seriously nonstop the past week hoping that might get things rolling, but no such luck! ...more

CJK: 18 Months Old

Yesterday our sweet boy turned 1 and 1/2 years old! The past few months with Cam have been so much fun! Between spending most of our days outside in the sun and in the water at the splash pad or waterpark, there hasn't been a dull moment yet ....more

These Are My Confessions...

I confess...that I tried to go shopping for things post delivery (aka things in my normal size) and it was one of the worst ideas I think I've ever had. It was actually very depressing and had me cursing in the dressing room because I got stuck in a shirt (lol), so then I ended up in the shoe section (you know-after I got out of said shirt) which made me feel a little better since I got a really cute pair of sandals. Thanks to the shoe section for redeeming the evening...somewhat ....more

37 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along? 37 weeks ...FULL TERM! Woo woo! ...more

Maternity Photos

All pictures taken by: Little Roo Studios I went back and forth no less than five times if I wanted to have maternity pictures done. I don't like being in front of the camera much as it is, but with a big ole' third trimester belly I was even more unsure about it. However, in the end I knew the magic that Little Roo Studios could work (and wanted an excuse to wear this sequin dress) so I decided to give it a go!Well, getting these pictures in my inbox instantly made me SO freaking happy that we did them ....more

Big Brother Kit

{sailboat tote is from here, only $24! Other prints available} One of my biggest concerns for when baby brother arrives has always been how Camden will feel. I'm probably reading into it way too much, but I really want him to feel included, special, and loved ....more

Scenes From The Cottage

What do you get when you combine a lake, perfect weather, 2 boats, and nothing to do but to sit back and enjoy it all? One fantastic summer weekend, of course.Couldn't have had a better time with Billy's family in Port Clinton this weekend! I'm a little sad to get back into the weekly routine of things ....more