Keep Calm and Carry On

I'm Katie! A twenty-somethin' wife and fur mom. The name of my game? DIY projects (with and without my handy husband). Fashion. Traveling (count me in!). Health nut but never misses an opportunity to get fro-yo. Basically, I love life a heck of a lot. :)

Charleston, SC

Next month, we are thinking about heading south for a long weekend to pay Charleston a visit! This is a city that both of us have been wanting to visit for a couple years and it's been a little bit since I've taken a trip (you know how I am about this...), so we are really excited about it. The city seems so charming and beautiful! ...more

The Best Baby Websites

*Looking for my weekly bumpdate? I've decided, for your sake and mine, to do them every other week. I think it's a good balance, so one will be up next Weds! ...more

Our 4th In Photos

{My handsome date-have you seen a cuter wedding outfit for groomsmen? The suspenders, pants, shoes, everything! My dress is from here}...more

DIY Painted Glass Vases {$100 Gift Card!}

I've come to realize over the years since becoming a homeowner that painting doesn't always have to be thought of as such a draining task, and it also doesn't always mean time consuming. At first, I dreaded painting anything in our home simply because I had this idea that it would be horrible, but I was wrong and I've grown to love it (as I'm sure you've noticed with all my crazy DIY projects!) because of how easy it is to transform even the smallest of items in your home that result in dramatic differences. I love being able to put my own creative touch on items in our home to fit our style and it's so easy to do so by just adding a couple coats of paint ....more

Happy 4th!

via I wanted to pop in real quick and wish everyone a happy {almost} 4th of July!...more

Week 13 Bumpdate

{this is my attempt at a bumpdate...not having to worry about my hair/makeup?...more

Things To Buy Before Finding Out The Gender

Once we found out we were expecting and after the initial shock and excitement wore off just a tiny bit (it's still there!), I just wanted to run out to all the cute baby stores and start buying anything and everything baby related. I mean, you go your whole life walking by those aisles seeing all those to die for adorable outfits, or buying for your friends babies, but now is your time and you must scoop them all up! Right?Well, for the most part and for me, wrong ....more

Summer Bucket List

Once we announced our big news, I knew I wanted to create a bucket list of all the things I'd like to do before baby K arrives! I mean, I'm definitely excited to meet our little babe but did you know the year is already half over?! All in favor of time slowing down a bit and not mentioning Christmas for a very, very, very long time say aye! ...more

A Lot To Love {Five On Friday}

ONE. This week has been everything I had hoped it would be and more!...more

4th Of July Tank & Koozie {Giveaway}

It's hard to believe 4th of July is next week, is it not? So crazy. (remember the big surprise I pulled off last year at this time? ...more