Call Her Happy

Call her Jenna. Call her your daily dose of Catholic living. Call her mom. Call her funny, approachable and a lover of beautiful things. Call her what you will, but always Call Her Happy.

Should Catholic Makers Share Their Business Secrets?

You put hours of work and research into your crafts, and then someone emails you with, “Could you share how you make your product?” What is the Catholic answer to this situation? It might be a little different than your instinct. Like most things in life, I don’t think there is a prescriptive “Catholic” answer.. ....more

Fresh Love #ilooktoher

This post is sponsored by FTD, but all words and thoughts and gushy feelings belong to me. I was scrolling though the Gram the other day (my social media of choice since I had to physically block FB on my phone so I wouldn’t just delete the app and use Safari to get at my... Read More » Thanks for reading Fresh Love #ilooktoher ....more

Color Me Prepared

disclaimer stuff: got a product, words are mine, etc. The little Christmas tree the kids begged me to keep up until Candlemas (hello and goodbye…), is mocking me in the corner. It knows Lent starts next week ....more

The True Cost of Your Closet

There are two truths that precede this post. The first is that I am staunchly, whole-heartedly, unapologetically, no exceptions pro-life. The second is that I understand documentaries have an agenda, but this particular film’s agenda lines right up with mine, so that made this all so very convenient ....more

#5Faves: Big White Farmhouse

What are you doing here? 5 Faves is over at dear Ashley’s place now. Head over there to fave out with her every single Wednesday ....more

#5Faves: Ever

Maybe not, like, everrrr, but I had to do something every so slightly epic-ish for my very last 5Faves. Did you read on Monday? Ashley will be taking over while I take a step back in the blogging world to pursue other endeavors of the creative variety ....more

30th Birthday Mess

Instead of writing a bunch of separate posts, you get this big old mess of a post, but it’s my (30th!!!) birthday today, so maybe just roll with me? Dia de los Muertos Today is All Souls Day. Remember to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory ....more

#5Faves: Mini-Vacay

I’m taking a mini vacation from 5 Faves this week, but I will be back next Wednesday for one final 5 Faves before I pass the torch to Ashley from Big White Farmhouse. Yup. I’m on to greener pastures, my fave-lettes ....more

These are good people.

These here are my people. I implore you – yes, implore – to check out what they have to offer. Why? ...more

#5Faves: Anxious TV Characters #streamteam

Netflix provided me with a streaming device and free watching privileges, but opinions are all mine. I’ve mentioned you can preorder my journal now, but someone should get the memo to these fine folks. Here are my five favorite TV characters who should be given a complimentary copy of 30 Days to Calm ....more