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Zoya Naturel 3 Collection Swatches & Review

Affiliate Links PR Sample One of my favorite types of polish from Zoya is neutrals. I love bling & glitter & all things shiny but neutral polish shades are so important to make those pop. & they also serve as the perfect palate cleanser ....more

Chocolate Covered Golden Heart Nail Art with Zoya

Affiliate Links PR Sample Is it really Valentine’s Day already? Whew! I wanted to do something a bit different…lots of red & pink out there! ...more

A Quick Idea for DIY Pampering at Home

PR Sample Affiliate Links With Valentine’s Day...more

Urban Decay Quick Fix & B6 Prep Priming Spray Review

Affiliate Links PR Sample When I look back at beauty products I was skeptical about- makeup setting spray was definitely one of them. I couldn’t see the point- I mean why would you spray water on your face? But I was completely converted- like intensely ....more

Zoya Perfect Lipstick Line Swatches & Review

PR Sample Affiliate Links Zoya is one of the first brands I completely fell in love with when I first starting blogging. Their nail polishes wear incredibly well on me & the colors speak to my soul. They’ve released lipsticks here & there in the past but when I saw they were releasing an entire range- YES! ...more

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone

This post is sponsored by...more

Gold Flake Foil Nail Art with KBShimmer Sage It Ain’t So

Affiliate Links PR Sample If there is one thing I love about nail art…it is that there are some lazy options. Because lately- I’ve definitely needed them. I always have some “cheater cheater” nail polish shades- ones that I can slap on before I leave & know it will look great ....more

Clinique Macaroon Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm Review

Affiliate Links PR Sample In the past few years, along with liquid lipsticks & matte lip options, lip treatments have completely blown up. I’ve tried all natural remedies, funny shapes, & all kinds of other options on the way. I’m a huge Clinique fan so when I saw these adorable macaroons…I knew I needed them in my life! ...more

How I Improved my Hair Starting at the Root

This post was sponsored by Head & Shoulders. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own. My hair definitely has a mind of its own ....more

Glow for a Cause Inspire Perfume, Solid, & Body Lotion

PR Sample Have you been looking into more natural fragrances? There is a huge movement going into 2017 & I’ve gotten more & more questions. & suggestions! ...more