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The Tiffin Box is a food, recipe and review website based in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I create original recipes, and recipes inspired by my family, and write about East Indian, British and Canadian food, with a strong focus on using fresh, local and sustainable ingredients.

How To Sprout Wheat Berries to Make Your Own Sprouted Flour (Step-By-Step with Pictures)

This month marks the start of my seventh year of blogging and writing about food. It might be a cliched saying, but what a journey it has been. The last six years - and last year, in particular - have been a roller coaster ride of learning, teaching, understanding and connecting ....more

Mediterranean Ricotta Cheese Fritters

This year, we had a quiet (yes, social media free) holiday season, and to be honest, it was relaxing. Just the three of us, opening presents on Christmas day, with hot chocolate, Archie comics and the couch, a simple but delicious Christmas dinner, some good wine and a twinkling tree. And a peaceful holiday is what our family needed after a hectic year ....more

Crostini with Turkey, Brie and Spicy-Sweet Date Chutney

I love it when a plan comes together. This month, the Turkey Farmers of Canada wanted me get into the spirit of the season and come up with a canape that is perfect for entertaining. After all, one of the best parts of the holiday season is all those little parties and get togethers that we are always hosting or attending ....more

Cookbook Giveaway #6 - The Duchess Bake Shop Cookbook (Signed Copy)

If you live in Edmonton, you will most likely have heard of the iconic Duchess Bake Shop and it's assortment of divine French and inspired treats. Heck, you've probably heard of Duchess, even if you don't live in Edmonton. Or if you've never heard of Duchess, well, consider this your invitation to experience what the National Post called 'Canada's Best Patisserie' ....more

Cookbook Giveaway #5 - Spices and Seasons by Rinku Bhattacharya

When Spices and Seasons first arrived on my doorstep, I was in the middle of a crazy time at work and in life. So I gave it a cursory look through, and it went on my shelf in my 'review later' pile. A month later, I was overwhelmed with produce from my garden and from Prairie Urban Farm, and I remembered this book ....more

Cookbook Giveaway #4 - Banh Mi by Jacqueline Pham

One of my favourite lunches is banh mi (and bubble tea) from my local sandwich place. I will brave the cold (yes, even -45) for a delicious lemongrass chicken or tofu, or Vietnamese pork, especially if it is from V Sandwiches here in Edmonton....more

Cookbook Giveaway #3 - Thug Kitchen by Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway

You effing need this book, yes?I met Michelle and Matt at this year's Food Bloggers of Canada conference, and was impressed by their down to earth attitude, considering that they had just released one of the most anticipated cookbooks of the year. The Thug Kitchen cookbook implores you to 'Eat like you give a f***' and is a collection of gorgeous vegan recipes.The book certainly has attitude. Written in their characteristic 'Thug Kitchen' style, it is peppered with salty language, but my (partly) vegetarian family definitely can vouch for the recipes.The recipes are simple and delicious and complement those on their blog ....more

Cookbook Giveaway #2 - Noodle! by MiMi Aye (Signed Copy)

So this is what it looks like outside my windows today. We're expecting about 30 cms of snow, and it's been blowing up a blizzard since last night, and it doesn't look like it is going away any time soon.So what's a girl to do when this happens?Well, Noodle! on, of course ....more

Cookbook Giveaway #1 - French Regional Food by Joel Robuchon and Loic Bienassis

Think you know all about French food? Think again. This gorgeous, heirloom style book by 'Chef of the Century' Michelin starred chef Joel Robuchon and French historian Loic Bienassis will redefine your knowledge of French food ....more

NAIT's White Chocolate Crème Brûlée (And Other Yummy Treats)

A lot of people ask me why I do what I do. It's a question that comes up frequently, from everyday life situations to blogger conferences like the Food Bloggers of Canada conference that I attended recently in Vancouver. It might seem like a simple question ....more