Sweatpants & Christmas

Today’s blog post is therapy for me, far more than content written for anyone else. I hope that’s coolio. ’Twas the Monday before Christmas, when all through the house, I sat in my sweatpants and contemplated my life… What am I doing with this life of mine? ...more

Why I LOVE People – the Mother in Need

One of my readers sent this to me, a message in the aftermath of all of you doing amazing things for each other. SO awesome! It’s just one of the reasons I LOVE people ....more

Must… Survive… Six. More. Days.

Six days left until Christmas. Dang. Must… Survive… Six ....more

Scrooge You!

I was watching Scrooged a couple weeks ago, and I was sitting there all annoyed and humored thinking, what a serious Class-A WEENIE this guy is. We all know A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Ebenezer Scrooge is this cancerous, miserly, and absolutely awful human being who spreads his coldness to others as often as possible while he grows his own wealth ....more

I am a liar. Officially.

I… am… a...more

304 MORE Wrong Numbers – HOLIDAY EDITION!

You know me, friends. When I’m bored, I like to spend all sorts of time sending texts to unknown numbers and seeing what they reply. I’d call it time well-wasted ....more

Five Amazingly Hilarious Moments This Week

It’s Friday. We still have a whole Friday after this before the big holiday arrives. I hope everyone has amazing plans tonight that don’t involve elbowing people out of the way in checkout lines and cursing out old people taking a long time on the crosswalk at the mall ....more

All the Best Intentions. At Exactly the Wrong Time.

As you know, this week started with very real and incredible heartbreak for me. And I think it’s pretty funny the things people said during it. When I got my very first kidney stone, I didn’t know what it was, and I literally thought I was dying ....more

In the Heat of Heightened Emotion

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Yes ....more

Humaning is Hard Sometimes

My alarm went off this morning at 8:50 AM and I lay there with impossibly heavy and puffy eyes for the longest time before I could finally open them. I only set an alarm so that I wouldn’t stay in bed all day. Humaning is hard sometimes ....more