Black Spruce Hound

Hi! My name is Beth, and I blog at, where I talk about v.v. important things like knitting, cooking, and crafting. I also wear ugly dresses from the '70s and talk about pincurls a little too much.  In short, I am vintage selling, hound dog owning, shoe obsessed strange person. And trophy wife.

How to Sew a Leather Wristlet

Are we tired of these sewing posts yet? Hmm? If the answer is yes, well ....more

Summer in the Woods

I meant to get a post up yesterday, but the house was being shown, and to be honest I did not feel like trying to write one while wrangling mops and a broom. So there's that....more

Button Down Shirt to Sleeveless Top

Clothing sizes are objective, so when I spotted a plaid shirt at Goodwill that I thought was pretty cute, it didn't faze me that it was too big. It's an XXL, and I have a few shirts at home that are XXL and fit like a large, so no big deal. I was very wrong in this instance ....more

In My Makeup Bag: Product Empties July 2016

I did one of these in March, and rather enjoyed it. Here are the beauty products I've used up since March. (Links go to Ulta or Amazon.) 7th Heaven Creamy Coconut face mask ....more

{Sewing} Bedsheet to Bathrobe

I came across this vintage bedsheet-to-bathrobe tutorial on Pinterest, and oh man. That was right up my alley, because there is nothing better than some of those hideous sheets from back in the day. The tutorial is from Melly Sews....more

This Month's Books - June 2016

June has been a weird month. Weird, weird. (I got hives from a mosquito bite ....more

How to Distill Rosewater

The roses are in bloom, both the wild varieties that grow in northern Wisconsin and the bushes that were planted in the backyard decades ago. Instead of being a normal person and letting them grow, I decided to make rosewater. Making rosewater is most easily done by simmering rose petals in distilled water for 20-30 minutes, but that type of rosewater will not keep for much more than a week ....more

Goose, Goose

I never seem to get good pictures of geese, but these two were very accommodating. As per usual, there's nothing much new around here. Every year I say THIS SUMMER IS NOT GOING TO GET AWAY FROM US, WE SHALL DO THINGS! ...more

I Raided the Army Surplus Again

The last time I raided the army surplus aisle at the local(ish) farm store was...January 2015. Well I didn't think it was that long ago. Yikes....more

Wolf Tracks, Bear Tracks, and Flowers

Wolf tracks, bear tracks, and flowers pretty much sum up what it's like here in the spring, should one venture out into the woods. And yes, today is another post about the damn woods because it's still raining here. Stiiiiiilllll raining ....more