DIY Staircase Makeovers

There have been a lot of changes to the flooring in our home since we moved in. We knew pretty much from day one that it would...more

DIY Fall Wreath

This year, I’ve been working for the first time ever on actually decorating our home a bit for the fall season. I’ve always loved homes that are fully decked out for fall, but my home has...more

Jackson | Two-and-a-Half

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Easy (& Adorable!) DIY Globe Art

Do you ever have things in your house that you buy with every intention of turning it into a cute project and then it just sits in your house for, like, ever and you forget it even exists? Because I totally do that...more

On Pets, Rugs, and Messes

This post is sponsored by STAINMASTER. All opinions (and disgusting stories) are 100% mine....more

Fall 2016 Bucket List

I’m a sucker for a good to-do list. I sit down every week with my planner and a pen and go to town writing down all of the important things I need to remember to accomplish that week. There’s something almost intoxicating for me about crossing something off a to-do list…and when the list is finished?...more

Our New Bedroom Rug

Corey and I were...more

How I’m Staying Organized (+ a Giveaway!)

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Our Giant DIY Pegboard

This summer, Corey and I have been working...more

Vinyl Plank Flooring in the Bedroom

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